August 7, Kind Words

Never underestimate the power of kind words. Let me share with you what happened to me today.

This morning when I was getting ready I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, ‘oh my gosh my hair is so dated and awful’. However, because I suck at styling hair, I didn’t do anything to change it, I just ran a brush through it and then went on to Target to run my errands.

So, I’m standing there looking at Tide Pods and this totally random girl walks up to me and says ‘You have the most beautiful hair’. Out of the blue. Seriously! Wow! Now, truthfully, I don’t have beautiful hair at all- but for some weird reason that gal said that, and it made my day. Just that simple little compliment- which cost her nothing, but totally changed my day. How amazing to have that kind of power- to make someone feel good by saying something kind. And the good news? We all have that power! Use it!

As for my outfit- I think my changes are self explanatory, but I do want to draw your attention to my new slides. I bought these yesterday at Marshalls for $20 and I think they are super cute! I built my whole outfit around them. This could have been a really boring and blah look, but the cool draping of my top and these cute shoes add interest to an otherwise very simple outfit. Which actually is cuter in person, I swear! I think?! Maybe not?!

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