Sept 5, Board Meeting

I have a meeting tonight for my National Charity League board , so I want to look polished and professional. Since this really isn’t a formal group, I could probably wear work out clothes and be just fine, but sometimes I like to have an excuse to get dressed.

I’m wearing jeans, a grey top and a cardigan, but my before look is FRUMPY! The jeans are boring, the loafers look like house slippers, and the giant cardigan looks like a bathrobe. It looks like I just rolled out of bed and ran outside to grab the newspaper (which I still get delivered daily!)

So.. to polish this look I will make the following changes:

  1. Dark wash skinny jeans that are slightly cropped
  2. A faux silk top in a rich grey color is an improvement over the cotton t shirt
  3. This sleek duster cardigan looks much dressier than the wool one on the left
  4. The snakeskin slingback shoes are the final touch. They are elegant and pull the entire outfit together.
  5. Looking at the photos now I’m thinking I should add a necklace as well…

Jeans- Gap

Top- Nordstrom Rack

Cardigan- Target

Shoes- Nordstrom Rack

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