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Hi! I’m Megan.

I have always loved clothes and putting together outfits. Even as a little girl, my sisters and I would play ‘fashion show’ where we had to put together looks from our closet and then we would model for each other. I remember in junior high I would write down every single outfit I wore on a list in my closet, partly to be inspired- and also to not wear the same thing twice.

That passion for fashion followed me into adulthood.  I’m always looking for fashion ideas and inspiration- and I love going online and searching for fashion blogs. While I found some great sites, to be honest, most of the blogs I found were too outrageous, too fashionable (is this possible?) and too expensive for my style.

Worst of all, they just didn’t seem real. In my life, real moms (in the suburbs) don’t wear stilettos and designer clothes. Real moms wear jeans, yoga pants and hoodies! I wanted to create a blog that reflected that- yet with a little style.

One thing I always love in makeover shows are those fabulous before and after pictures! It is so inspiring to see how a few small changes can dramatically change someone’s look.

So I decided to try my own little makeover show- creating outfits from my closet and reflecting on what works and what doesn’t! Making little tweaks here and there to up my style a bit. Unlike most fashion blogs, I’m not trying to sell you anything.  I do include links to what I’m wearing just so you know where I shop.

My goal is that my wardrobe must be reasonably priced, be comfortable, age appropriate, and of course cute!

I’m not trendy. I’m not a risk taker. I’m not a size 0 and I’m over 40. I have no fashion training or background and I’m not willing to spend a fortune on each outfit.  I’m just a mother of two teens who wants to look and feel great everyday!

To contact me, email me at

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31 thoughts on “Meet Me”

    1. I need to thank you! I found your website last week and used some ideas from the great looks you have posted as I dressed for my daughters soccer game yesterday. I received many compliments on what I put together and instead of keeping you a secret will share your website with others. Also, I love the before and after pictures, it helps make it clearer the mistakes I am making when picking out outfits.

  1. Just found your blog – please keep it up! I like the “realness” of your style! Very appropriate, cute and fun!

  2. Megan, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to your outfits each day! I have a couple of questions for you:
    1. Have you ever thought of starting an “off-shoot” business of helping people put together outfits from the clothes they already have? I have some basics but struggle with putting “outfits” together, including the accessories!
    2. What are some “must have’s” in every “woman who is in their mid 40’s” closet? I need to update some pieces and was wondering what advice you could offer.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Funny you should ask- this is exactly what I am planning on doing. I am available for private consultations where I come to your house and go through every item in your closet and put together some great outfits. I’ll take photos of each outfit- and then also make a shopping list of what items you might want to purchase. If you are interested, please contact me and we can discuss details.

      As for some essentials- I would suggest lots of scarves and jewelry. They can totally change any look! I get a lot of jewelry at Kohl’s and scarves at H&M and Target.

      Thanks so much for writing, I truly appreciate it- and am so happy that you enjoy my blog. I love doing it.

  3. i’ve just stumbled on your blog and am so happy i did!! i love your outfits….the “before” and “after” pics are great! i tell everyone that i love clothes, but hate putting outfits together! i feel like i’m always wearing the same old same old. 🙂 you’re pics give me some inspiration –and yeah, it helps that we have similar tastes and shop the same stores. 🙂 i only wish you lived in my state; i would have you over in a minute to put outfits together for me!!

    thanks for starting this blog, girl. i look forward to gleaning all kinds of wonderful tips and ideas from you! YAY! 😀

  4. Hi–I just found your blog and am loving it–your “about me” information pretty much sums me up too. In my early 40s, I have finally decided it’s about time to put a little effort into learning how to dress 🙂 I love so much of what you show here. Here’s a question: when you wander into your closet on an everyday morning to put an outfit together, where do you start? Do you pick one thing (e.g., a sweater) that you want to wear and build from there?

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I am so glad you like my blog! I can honestly say, this has made such a difference in my life. Taking the time to focus on my outfits tells the world that I care about myself!

      To answer your question, when I am getting dressed I usually start with the bottom first- deciding do I want jeans, a skirt, pants… then I build from there. Sometimes I’ll even start with my shoes! To me, being comfy is so important, so if I know I’ll be on my feet all day I’ll pick my flat boots or ballet flats- then build from there up. I try many different combos until I get something that I like. It isn’t easy- but is is getting easier!

  5. Hi! I recently found your blog, and have been spending way too much time just browsing through all your posts. I really appreciate what you are doing here. The before and after pics are very helpful, and I am getting lots of inspiration. I really can’t say much more than the other comments here have already said so well. Thanks for doing this!

  6. Hi Megan:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Your story of why you started your blog sounds a lot like mine. I’m also a 40something mom who thinks you can look great without spending a fortune (or trying to look 25).

    I have a profile feature called Site Spotlight that features other mom style blogs; check it out and you might find some other blogs to read! (You can find me here:

    Cheers 🙂

  7. I just found your blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

    I was thinking that I needed some serious help to get out of my “mom frump” mode. I browsed through a couple of blogs, but found they were too extreme and very abstract. I like having examples to (copy) inspire me 🙂 I see myself in all of the “before” pictures….

    I just modeled a blog inspired outfit for my tween age daughter and got the gold star “Wow! That looks great!” stamp of approval – when my picky fashionista approves I know I am doing something right!!!

    Thank you!

    1. Wow! Thanks so much for writing. So glad you found my site and that you like it! It’s been a real learning experience for me- and I love getting feedback/ comments from readers. We’re all in this together! 🙂

      Please send your before and after pics, I’d love to post them (I’ll do the cropping and cut your head off!). My email is

  8. I’m a 34 year old mom of two boys and am so happy that I just found your blog. I like looking put together and stylish but am terrible at doing it for myself. I actually copied one of your outfits today and am looking forward to viewing more! I really like that you are creating great outfits at a reasonable price! I already shop at many of the stores you listed. Thanks so much for creating this blog!

  9. I just came across your website and LOVE it! I am a 31yr old mom of two living in Oregon…. I also like getting dressed up but on a regular basis, I put about 3-5 min of effort in getting dressed before running out the door. The few days I spend an extra 10-15 min on my outfit makes me feel better/act better. Your style is real, simple, west coast (rain/cold), and classy. I can do it! I’ve also sent your site to my mom and sister 🙂

  10. I love this! So glad I found you, your style is great , just what I’ve been looking for. I am a 40 year old mom, I look forward to more of your outfits. Thank you.

  11. Hi Megan. I got your blog info from a friend and it’s just great. THANKS. I only wish you had my crazy things-got-a-bit-jammed-up-at-the-human-factory-today body.
    I know it’s not your gig, but if you ever want to add tips for “apples” it would be lovely. Like – – horizontal stripes on big racked, big tummy, less than noticeable hip and bum girls are kind of scary. I rely on structured jackets and shirts to make me look remotely like a female. (Go Stacey London!)
    Anyway – I am a total fan of what you’re doing and I THANK you!!!! Keep it up!

    1. Oh you are too funny, love your description of your body! Yes, stripes across a large chest may not be the best look- but it sounds like you have found what works for you- structured jackets! I am a huge fan of What Not to Wear- love Stacy and Clinton and think they have excellent advice!
      I have done posts on other body types- so please keep coming back and I’ll address your type soon! Thanks so much for writing, I love hearing from readers!

  12. Wow….love this! I so need to step up my everyday look and your photos are fab. Do you know how hard it is to find somewhere to pull together everyday looks…let alone warm? I’m a Canadian girl, no I don’t live in an igloo, but often face weather as a fashion deterrent. Thanks for showing me the way, and please don’t abandon us moms!

  13. My sister and I just found your blog and we ADORE you and your style!! We both are 40-somethings and feel like we dress like all of your ‘before’ shots! Please keep up your blog– it’s so inspiring. 🙂 We are currently undergoing makeovers on our entire closets! Thank you, Megan.

    1. Oh thank you so much! I’m so glad you both found me- and that you like what you see- thanks for taking the time to tell me- it really means a lot!
      Good luck on your closet makeover!

      1. In the full swing of my closet makeover. Here’s another question… How do you organize your closet? Thanks!

  14. Hello and good morning,
    I publish kids newspaper, a monthly publication that is distributed through every elementary school in Spokane. We also distribute to Deer Park, Cusick and smaller communities outside our city. Our readership is 90,000 strong.
    I love your writing. Every mom of an elementary child would cherish your words. May we include you on our website? We have a very active facebook page, too.
    Let me know your thoughts. Congratulations for a wonderful job!!!
    Mary Helen Black

    1. Hi Helen, Absolutely!!! I’m honored that you want to include me in your publication- and would be thrilled to be a part of it. Thank you so much!

  15. Awesome blog! Just what I was looking for. I am in a suburb of Tacoma (yes, it’s really big enough to have suburbs), I’m a mother of 5 and shop most of my stuff at the thrift store. I have finally got picky with what I’ll buy and not accept “It’s good enough”. Thanks for sharing you’re great ideas!

  16. Well, I found your blog several months after you quit. And I spent the last eight hours looking at every entry and am now inspired! I’m a special ed teacher, about your age, and so many of your outfits are perfect for me at work (office attire doesn’t cut working with young children with severe impairments)! So thank you for your blog. Better late than never!!!

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