August 31st, Do you Lulu?

Not so cute!
Lululemon pullover, skirt and workout top

Let’s face it, some days moms just want (and need) to run around town in casual,
comfortable wear. We go to the gym, the grocery store, the dry cleaner, Target, the bank… and we want to be comfortable! So, today’s post is ‘Workout Wednesday’. Since today is my tennis day anyway- (and per my cute tennis friend Mary’s suggestion) I am showing workout clothes today.

Now, there are 2 types of workout clothes. Those that are functional, yet not fashionable and those that are both. See the picture on the left. This is just not that cute. The boring baggy black workout pants look a little too Sue Sylvester for me. The black fleece is very Seattle, but not so exciting.

Introducing Lululemon– on the right. This line of exercise clothing is fabulous! They are extremely comfortable and flattering clothes.

There are a few things you need to know about Lulu before you go:

1. It is expensive (sorry!)

2. Sizes are weird. In Lulu, I am a 6. (In regular clothes I’m a 4 or sometimes a 2)

3. They have a huge variety of styles of tops for all body types. Ask for help in the store or go online.

4. Their clothes can be worn for anything- you don’t have to be playing tennis to wear a skirt. You can run in it, walk the dog in it, do the elliptical in it, grocery shop in it!  It’s fun and cute!

Here are some more pics of my outfit:

Notice the cute ruffle detail on the sleeve
I love that Lulu offers multiple pieces in the same color- for easy layering. Here is without the jacket. But boy do my boobs look small! A different style top might be more flattering. I'll show a different one next week! Stay tuned!
Love the pleating on the skirt!

I’m Always Up for a Party!

I’m entering into a contest* this week sponsored by the fabulous Kristina at Pretty Shiny Sparkly . The contest is titled Arm Party- and the assignment is to stack as many bracelets as possible on. I guess this is the new trend~I’m learning as I go!!

So crack open the champagne, here is my Arm Party! I’m wearing a combo of bracelets, the one with 3 chains is Silpada; the black, white and silver are all from Kohl’s and the small braided one is David Yurman.

Let me know what you think! Is this something you you’ll try?

* Leave it to me- I was late for the party… the contest ended August 3rd. Oh well, I had fun trying! I’d still love your comments and feedback.

Black, White and Silver Arm Party

If you click on the picture above it will take you to the site of the party and you can see a bunch of other examples of  bracelet stacking.

August 30th, A Checkered Past

White tank and unbuttoned blouse add a little style to this look
Checkered shirt left untucked is a little plain.

Today I decided I needed a little color, so I chose this cute checkered shirt I just bought from Land’s End. In the left side picture, I left it untucked and un- accessorized.
In the picture on the right, I added a white tank under the shirt, unbuttoned a few buttons and added a chunky necklace and belt. I think this looks much better, don’t you?

Just the right amount of tank showing ads a little sex appeal. My grocer will be thrilled! Hah!

August 29th, Cropped Jeans and White T. Classic, but Boring?

Cropped jeans and a white t shirt.
A more interesting white t shirt make for more style, right?

 In my attempt to me more stylish I am learning one thing. I need help! I look around and see so many adorable outfits, and feel so plain in comparison!  Having not much to go with- I stuck with a classic look of white t shirt and cropped jeans, yet I feel like it’s really boring and uninspired.

To bring my outfit from boring to a bit better; I changed the plain white t shirt to a striped shirt with a lower neckline, and I added a necklace. I think the simple changes help a bit, but I do feel the need to apologize for today.

Please send photos of your inspired looks- I’d love to post some other ideas.

I'm having writer's block with my clothing choices. I need inspiration!

August 28th, Easy and Comfortable Weekend Wear

One thing I’m learning about myself during this process is that I really like wearing skirts. I think they are so much more comfortable than shorts. And, in my opinion, shorts are very difficult to pull off. You really need to have very long and very skinny legs to look great in shorts. Since I am neither really tall or really skinny, I’ll stick to skirts. I know, I know, I did wear shorts a few weeks ago- and once in a while rules are meant to be broken, right?

I was in a hurry to get out the door today, so I put on my North Face skirt and a grey and white striped t-shirt. I added a necklace and my orange sandals for a little burst of color. Not the most exciting outfit- but it’s easy and comfortable.

Easy, breezy beautiful?!

Skirt: REI, Shirt: J Crew, Shoes: Target,  Necklace: Kohls

August 27th, Target Leopard Belt Again

A cute little black button down shirt works~
Black golf shirt with zipper- a definite NO

How can you go wrong with a simple khaki skirt and black top? Here’s how! On the left I paired my skirt with a black golf shirt- it’s boring and unflattering. On the right, I swapped out the golf shirt for a short sleeved button down. I tucked it in- showing off my new belt.  I unbuttoned the top buttons, revealing a black bra. Ooh la la! Below I tried a 3rd look- an oversize top with a pendant necklace and the belt. I can’t decide which is cuter. What do you think?

Which look do you like better? The tucked in shirt, or the oversize shirt? Please comment!

August 26th, What Not to Wear

I’m sorry but I have to do this. I went to a PTA training last night and I honestly saw a few things that made me do a double take. First, I saw 2 women in Hawaiian shirts. Seriously?! Unless you are at a laua do not wear a Hawaiian shirt in public. The other shocker was a gal in a cute floral short skirt, a cute t shirt and then tennis shoes and socks! Gasp! The horror!

To show you how bad this looks- here are 2 outfits with the exact same pants and top. In the first I am wearing my tennis shoes and my pants are wrinkly. The striped tank is pulled down too low and hits across my widest part (hips) making me look even more wide.

To change this I ironed my pants, tucked my shirt in, changed my shoes and added a belt. Simple changes- big results. I know, I hate ironing as much as anyone, but it does make a difference. As for the shoes; yes, I want to be comfortable- so I chose a wedge heel. Try one- I swear, they are actually comfortable (this is coming from the gal who wears Birkenstocks). The cute necklace breaks up the stripes a bit and the piece de la resistance is my new leopard belt. It adds an unexpected pattern- and hence, a bit of style.

What do you think?

Unless you are running- do not wear tennis shoes in public!
A few simple changes turns this into a cute outfit.
Calling ANTM!! Just kidding...

Pants: Nordstroms, Tank: Target, Wedges: Ann Taylor Loft, Belt: Target, Necklace: Khol’s

August 25th, Not So Boring Black

LBD with striped short sleeved cardigan
without the cardigan, it has enough detail to stand alone

Everyone should own a couple LBD’s- one for day, one for night, and so on… this one I bought a few years ago and it’s become a favorite. It’s oh-so comfortable, yet still stylish. I threw on a striped short sleeved cardigan to add a tiny bit of warmth- but as the day heats up- I’ll can take it off and the dress works well alone. The tiny black necklace and cute black and beige heels pull the whole look together.

For a totally different look I was inspired my new blogging friend, Melanie from She posted on this cute utility vest yesterday, so I rushed to Old Navy and quickly snapped up my own. I decided to try it with this dress and patent leather flats for a totally different look. What do you think? I think I’m in love…

The Utility Vest- Inspired by Melanie Scout- A Mom's Guide to Stylish Living
The Utility Vest- Inspired by Melanie from Scout- A Mom’s Guide to Stylish Living
Dress: Nordstrom, Striped Cardigan: Marshalls, Shoes: Banana Republic, Flat: Nordtsrom, Vest: Old Navy

August 24th, Skirting Around Town

Pairing a casual skirt with a cute top and flats- perfect for running errands!

I love this outfit for many reasons! One, it’s extremely comfortable- which is always great. Two, I think it’s somewhat flattering. The length of the skirt is appropriate and I like the gathering (ruching) of this top around my tummy, after having 2 kids this is my problem area. This top does a nice job of hiding that. I also love my red flats and necklace that pull the whole look together.

I bought this Cookie Lee necklace from my friend Suz. I doubled it up to look cuter!Skirt and Top: Nordstrom, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Cookie Lee, Purse: JC Penny

August 23rd, Girl Gone Wild

A little animal print goes a long way....

I bought this tank to take to Vegas last year when I turned 40- and then promptly put it in my closet and never pulled it out again. However, lately I’m seeing the trend for the fall is animal prints, so I thought I’d give it a go. I paired it with a pink short sleeved cardigan with a bit of a ruffle- to sort of play down the edginess of the print. On the bottom I threw on my black cargo’s with a rolled cuff and my ever favorite Target sandals. To accessorize I wore a charm necklace and bracelet.

I actually feel pretty cute today… definitely out of my comfort zone, but having fun trying a new look. Would Jen wear this? Probably not! Oh well…

Top: Express, Cardigan: Anthropologie, Pants: White House, Black Market, Shoes: Target

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