Nov 30th, Month in Review

Here is a review of all my outfits for the month! Click on any of them and it will take you to the slideshow (sorry mobile users- the slide show doesn’t work on phones- you have to actually go to my site!). Thanks! ūüôā

Nov 29th, A Long Time Coming

¬†I swear, I must be either really tired, really jet lagged or just plain worn out- but it took¬†me 30 minutes to get dressed this morning. I stood in my closet and stared at my clothes for 30 minutes. Seriously! I don’t know what was wrong, but I simply couldn’t put together an outfit.

Often when this happens, I’ll just reach for an old stand by- but since I’m trying to show different looks each day, I didn’t want to bore anyone with an outfit you’ve seen recently, so this is the best I could do.

I did warn you all yesterday that I’m a simple dresser… I didn’t lie!

Part of my problem is that I’m going to Costco today, and really wanted to wear something comfortable. I decided to go with skinny blue jeans (they look black in this picture, but they are actually blue), a black v neck shirt and then I added this cute striped open cardigan.

On the right you can see the outfit without the cardigan. This used to be my sister Erin’s daily look. It’s simple, easy and slimming, but it’s also boring. Why not throw on a little cardigan to add some interest? To finish it off (and follow my rule of 3), add a necklace. In this case, a long necklace is needed to help draw the eye down.

The long necklaces help break up the solid black of the t shirt.

Jeans: Madewell, T Shirt: Nordstroms, Striped Cardigan: Marshalls, Necklace: H&M, Shoes: Nordstrom

Nov 28th, Simple Style

I’ve mentioned this before, but photographing and writing about my outfit each day has been an enormous learning process for me.

I’ve definitely discovered that I am a very simple dresser. I see so many fabulous and fashionable people- and while I admire their style, it’s just not me.

I know I’ll never be the most fashionable person in the room, and I know that lots of people might not even like my style- but in the end, that doesn’t even matter. What matters is; How do I feel? ¬†Am I comfortable?

The key to being fashionable, is to own your look- and if that’s something as simple as khakis and a black turtleneck- than that’s ok!

For today I’m showing 2 versions of this very easy look.

On the right I have on traditional khakis, black flats and a plain turtleneck. It’s fine, but boring.

On the left I’ve switched out the plain pants for a cargos. I’ve also switched out the black flats for leopard and added a necklace. Now my outfit is a a reflection of me!

Pretty simple, but it's a classic look that is timeless.

Don’t forget to check out Momtrends for some cute travel tips!

Pants: Louis Permilia, Turtleneck: White House, Black Market, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Forever 21

Nov 27th, Home Again

After a lovely week in Hawaii, I’m now happy to be home. Maybe ’cause I’m a Kansas girl, but to me, there’s no place like home!

Today’s outfit is a weekend, casual look. I’ve paired a denim shirt with a classic cable knit sweater and my boyfriend jeans. I then added my wedge boots to give the outfit an unexpected kick.

On the right you can see how this over-size sweater is not quite working for me. Similar to what I showed a few weeks ago- dressing in large clothes is not flattering, no matter what size you are- it will make you look enormous. Instead, opt for something more fitted- something that works with your figure- not against it!

The sweater on the left is a great example of why to always buy quality when it comes to a classic piece like this. This sweater was purchased by my grandfather in approx 1955 in Ireland. It was given to my mother- who then passed it down to me. It’s been sitting on the top shelf of my closet for years- and then I finally pulled it down, tried it on and wow!

I am so excited- it’s a beautiful piece that maybe I’ll pass down to my daughter one day… you think?

Love the leather covered buttons- such beautiful craftsmanship. They don't make them like this anymore!

Sweater: Gift from Mom, Jeans: Gap, Denim Shirt: Martin and Osa, Boots: Marshalls

Nov 26th, Guest Post #3

Today I’m using some pictures that a very sweet reader sent. As you can see on the picture on the bottom, the black cardigan is matronly and not flattering. In the first picture, she has switched out the cardigan for a cuter style (love the way it drapes) and then added a belt to emphasize her waist. She also added a necklace- following the rule of 3! Great job Susan!

I’d love to see this top and cardigan paired with some skinny jeans instead of grey pants- and some cute ballet flats. All in all, I love the bright blue top- and the cute beaded necklace appears to reflect the blue as well.


Happy Thanksgiving! I feel like I have so much to be thankful for, and rather than list them here- just know that I am extremely grateful for all my blessing and full of love for my family.

Today I’m showing an outfit that I took photos of a few weeks ago.

I’m showing how to take a cocktail dress and turn it in the a more casual and everyday outfit.

I bought this dress at Marshalls for an all white party I was going to last summer.

I haven’t worn it since but decided to try to tone it down a bit by pairing it with a denim jacket, scarf and boots. Now it’s a cute outfit for work or lunch with friends.

Looking at the photos- it would be better with boots that come up a little higher. Oh well…

Hope you have a wonderful day, enjoy your family and take a moment to be aware of all your blessings.

Nov 23rd, Guest Post #2

For today’s ¬†guest post I’m showing 2 cute outfits sent by a reader. They aren’t before and after shots- but just 2 outfits, one cute- one not so cute. The first outfit is this cute striped shirt and skinny jeans. To compliment the look she has added this cool scarf (love the holes), a leopard belt and boots! Great mix of patterns! The only thing I would change is I would have looped the scarf one more time around my neck- just so the tail doesn’t hang down so low.

Love the scarf, the belt and the boots! Very cute look!

The outfit below didn’t work out for her- in fact, because if the ruffled shirt her husband jokingly said she looked like George Washington! I don’t think he meant it as a compliment. I will say though- I’ve been seeing these shirts all over the place- but that still doesn’t make them cute. This is a good example of how just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s right.

I do like her colored cords- not sure if they are brown or purple- but they look great! Thanks so much for sending these pics! Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

This ruffle shirt just isn't doing it for me.

Nov 22nd, Guest Post #1

Aloha! Today I am showing a cute before and after from one of my faithful readers, Erin.

As you can see from the first outfit, she looks a little boring. The black long sleeve shirt and jeans are fine- but there is nothing exciting about this look.

Next you can see how she has changed things up. She added this adorable blazer and this amazing necklace. She also switched out her plain black ballet shoes for these polka dot ones. Now that’s a look that will get a second glance. Well done! Thanks for sending in your pics!

This outfit is just too plain, there is no wow factor!
There is so much more attention to detail here! Very cute!

Nov 21st, Inspired Trench

For today’s post I’m showing an outfit that I am basically copying (I like to say inspired) by something I saw somewhere… ¬†I¬†honestly can’t remember where- I should have written it down. I love the effortless glamour of this gal on the right. She just exudes ‘cool’.

I thought, ‘well, I can do that’! I paired my Paige jeans with a plain white button down- tucked in- and added a belt. I am wearing my snakeskin heels and then to add that element of cool, I’ve got on my trench coat. Unlike the gal on the right, I am actually wearing my coat- I love how she has it draped over her shoulders- but that’s just not practical!

I bet she didn't get her trench at Target!
I love how the snakeskin shoes add some style as well!

Jeans: Nordstrom, Shoes: DSW, Shirt: Calvin Klein, Trench: Target, Belt: American Eagle, Necklace: Jewel Kade

Nov 20th, Leaving on A Jet Plane

My vacation starts today- and so I thought I’d show my airplane outfit. I’m flying to Hawaii, so I will be on the place for 6 hours, and¬†I’ll also be going through a major climate change- it’s about 40 degrees here in the Northwest, and I’m hoping (praying) its’s MUCH warmer in Maui, so I need an outfit that when I land I can quickly change to be more appropriate for the warm weather.

Most importantly, I want to be comfy.  On that note- I went with my skinny jeans, a striped tank, cardigan, scarf and ballet flats. Upon landing, I can easily take off the cardigan and scarf and be ready for warm weather.

For today’s Before and After photos I’m showing how different cardigans can really change the look.

Take this sweater on the right, I really love this sweater, it’s like wearing a bathrobe or blanket. The problem is, I look like I’m wearing a bathrobe or blanket. Not flattering!

On the left is a much more flattering version. The slimmer cut, lighter fabric and the draping- it all makes for a better look.

The scarf will come in handy if it's cold on the plane.
As soon as we land, I'm ditching the sweater and 'hello sunshine!'

Stay tuned this week, I have some fun reader pictures/ outfits to share and maybe a few vacation posts…

Jeans: Madewell, Tank: Target, Cardigan on Left: Nordstrom, Cardigan on Right: Anthroplogie, Ballet Flats: Nordstrom

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