August 23rd, Girl Gone Wild

A little animal print goes a long way....

I bought this tank to take to Vegas last year when I turned 40- and then promptly put it in my closet and never pulled it out again. However, lately I’m seeing the trend for the fall is animal prints, so I thought I’d give it a go. I paired it with a pink short sleeved cardigan with a bit of a ruffle- to sort of play down the edginess of the print. On the bottom I threw on my black cargo’s with a rolled cuff and my ever favorite Target sandals. To accessorize I wore a charm necklace and bracelet.

I actually feel pretty cute today… definitely out of my comfort zone, but having fun trying a new look. Would Jen wear this? Probably not! Oh well…

Top: Express, Cardigan: Anthropologie, Pants: White House, Black Market, Shoes: Target

August 22nd, Jeans and a Cardigan

I decided to go with cropped jeans, a tank and a cardigan today. I just bought this cardigan at Nordstroms and I love it! I love the shade of purple- a color I rarely wear- and I love the texture. It’s sort of drapey and ribbed and oh so comfortable! I also happened to have a necklace with just the same shade of purple, how awesome is that? To top off the look, I went with my snakeskin Tory Burch flats.

Notice in my ‘before’ picture how different it looks when I am just wearing a standard cardigan as opposed to the new one; before it’s just kind of boring… I wonder if darker jeans would have made this even cuter? What do you think?

After: with a more unique cardigan, it adds a little style to the look

before: boring cardigan

Jeans: Express, Tank: Express, Cardigan: Nordstroms, Necklace: H&M, Shoes: Tory Burch

I apologize for the quality of these photos… I’m working on how to improve them. Thanks for your patience!

August 21st, Taking it to the Maxi!

Maxi Dress by local designer Lizzie Parker

Our party last night was a lot of fun, and I loved seeing what everyone was wearing. In my opinion, one of the cutest outfits was my friend Helen who wore a grey/ white tie dyed maxi dress. She looked effortlessly cool and chic, unfortunately I didn’t get any photos. Darn it!  Inspired by her look, today I am wearing a Maxi dress by a local designer, Lizzie Parker. The dress is made out of bamboo, so it’s extremely soft and comfortable. Paired with a necklace and simple flip flops- this is a great day or night outfit.

August 20th, Black and White

Black, white and boring

Same concept, but with a little more style

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- I love black and white. It’s clean, simple and usually pretty easy to pull off. Today I threw on my white jeans and a black t shirt… nothing to it. But, actually, nothing to it looks a little plain and boring. So I restyled my look and changed my t shirt for a tank, added a funky necklace and swapped out my Birks (yes, I own 2 pairs of Grandpa shoes) and put on some black wedges. Much cuter, don’t you think?

Jeans: JC Penny, T Shirt: Gap, Tank: Nordstroms, Belt: Ann Taylor, Wedges: Macy’s (Franco Sarto)

August 19th – Casual Day!

Casual pants, tank and Fit Flops... not much to look at!

re-styled by rolling the cuffs, tucking in the shirt and adding cuter shoes

Two of my girlfriends and I are hosting a huge party tomorrow night. Luckily, it’s not at my house!  My outfit today has to be cute and functional since I will be busy working on helping get her backyard and house ready.

I threw on my favorite casual pants and a black tank (inspired by Jennifer Aniston, of course). Notice how by changing my shoes, rolling up the cuffs, tucking in my shirt and adding a necklace totally changes the look.

Pants: Anthroplogie (Hei Hei), Tank: Express, Shoes: Stride Right (DSW)

August 18th, More Mad Men then Jen

Retro Inspired Day Dress

This dress is just too cute to pass up, but I will admit, it is not at all what Jen would wear. Oh well… sometimes rules were meant to be broken, right?

I love the way this dress makes me feel like a 60’s housewife. I’ll be ready at the door with a cocktail when my hubby gets home tonight!

Dress: Marshalls, Cardigan: Target, Shoes: Nordstroms

August 17th- Another Hot One

Flowy top, shorts and very high wedges

Wow! Two days in a row of heat… finally, it’s summer. It’s about time!

For my outfit today I chose a breezy, cool and super cute top from the Gap. I paired it with shorts and high heels- inspired by Jennifer Aniston. I remember seeing her wear similar shoes last year and I coveted them. I finally found a pair at DSW, so I snatched them up. To be honest though, wearing them I feel a little silly (and very tall). I wore them this morning when dropping my daughter off at cheer practice, and I noticed people were looking at me. Were they admiring my cute and trendy heels, or were they thinking I looked ridiculous? As soon as I got home I swapped them out for flip flops. I was much more comfortable- but probably not as cute. My question is- what looks like I’m trying too hard, and what looks fashionable. How do you tell the difference?

Shorts: Old Navy, Top: Gap, Shoes: DSW (Steve Madden)

time for a pedicure!

Here is without the wedges:

flip flops are so much more practical and comfortable, right?

Here is Jennifer wearing a similar top:

Here is Jennifer wearing the shoes, hers are Stuart Weitzman.

August 16th, Summer Skirt and Top

Well, it’s finally feeling like summer here in Seattle! I know, the rest of the country has been sweltering and we have only broken 80 degrees twice. Today may be the third day! Whoo hoo! For my summer outfit I threw on a comfy skirt, t shirt and my Birkenstocks. Seriously! I wore these daily until my 3 year old niece told me they look like grandpa shoes. When a 3 year old has more fashion sense than a 40 year old it’s time to worry! So, I have abandoned my Birks (I still wear them around the house- they are so comfortable) and switched to my new favorite sandal- from Target. You may remember them, I wore the orange ones the other day. They were so cute and so cheap I bought 3 pairs- black, tan and orange.

Here is my before outfit. I honestly don’t think this is so bad. What do you think? Too boring?

comfy skirt, cute t shirt with ruffle and my Birks!

I decided to add a little color and style to this outfit by switching out my grey skirt for a cute patterned one from J Crew. I also added a necklace and as previously mentioned- changed my shoes. Is this better? I wonder if the pouf in this skirt actually makes me look too hippy. The before skirt seems more slimming.

patterned skirt, cute sandals and added necklace

For a close up of my necklace:

My sisters made this necklace for me as a gift. I love it!!

patterned skirt: J Crew, t shirt: J Crew, sandals: Target, grey skirt: North Face

August 15th, Jeans and a T Shirt

I recently read that Katie Holmes calls herself a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. Somehow I don’t think this is what she means.

just jeans and a t shirt, tennis shoes

Even my own children looked at me strangely when I put this on. I don’t usually dress this bad! However, I do see lots of moms dressed like this. Why? It looks awful. While I want to be as comfortable as possible, I also don’t want to look frumpy- hence the need for this experiment.

So, to improve this outfit I switched out the mom jeans for some cute cropped ones, changed my race t shirt for a cute dolman sleeved shirt with trendy stripes and got rid of the tennis shoes. I put on orange sandals for a burst of unexpected color.

jeans, a t shirt and orange sandals

Please tell me this is better? I definitely felt a bit cuter in it- but yet still feel something is missing. Do I need a necklace? A jacket?  A belt? What could I do differently?

jeans: Khols, t shirt: Target, shoes: Target

August 14th, Day Two on my Fashion Journey

Typically I am jeans and flats kind of gal. I tend to wear a lot of plain white t shirts too… So for this day in fashion, I stuck with what I’m comfortable with- my good old standby’s.

jeans, flats and a white shirt- my staple wardrobe

To add a little pizzaz to my outfit I threw on a scarf that I bought at a drugstore on Orcas Island. I love the punch of color it adds- but is this enough?

A colorful scarf adds a burst of color

Jeans: James Jeans (Anthropologie), white shirt: James Perse, flats: 9 West

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