April 4th, Too Much Beige?

 I know, I know, a few weeks ago I said to dress in all one color to look taller (and thinner)- but I fear I may have steered you wrong!

Take today’s outfit for instance, I like it- but is there such a thing as as too much beige? It seems a little boring…

Maybe the problem is the cropped pants paired with a grandpa sweater. I think it  makes my legs look really short.

The length of the sweater is almost the same as the length of the pants- so the proportions are wrong.

As you can see on the left, the dark skinny jeans make my legs look much longer- especially paired with this dark plum tank. The dark solid under the cardigan gives the illusion of a long vertical line- and then the cardigan and necklace add interest.

To add even more personality- I’ve got on my leopard ballet flats. I’m always a fan of a little leopard in an outfit! 🙂

As I’m writing this- the look on the right is sort of growing on me… maybe it’s not as awful as I originally thought?! What do you think? Right or left, or both? (Or neither- gasp!)

It’s Wednesday, so I linked up with Pleated Poppy– today she is showing pictures of 5 parties she has thrown over the years. Man, this gal is so creative and she totally inspires me!

Jeans: Madewell, Sweater: Nordstrom, Tank: Nordstrom, Necklace: H&M, Shoes: Target

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March 27th, Jewel Tone Shell

 Let’s face it, as ‘springy’ as I want it to be- it’s still a little chilly out there, so today I’m wearing my cream cords.

They are warm and comfy- and with the light color, I think appropriate for spring.

I’ve paired them with this pretty jewel toned shell- and then added a long beige cardigan over the top.

Tying the look together is this long pendant necklace.

Finally, to make it more ‘work appropriate’ I’m wearing my pointy toed snakeskin heels. If you’re just running errands- stick to flats! (I would!).

My before picture (on the right) doesn’t work because it is too wintery. The long, black pants, black sweater and black shoes- all are too dark! This might work in December, but for the spring I want to brighten up!

Love this pretty shell from Loft but I think I will add a belt to my outfit- it's missing that tiny detail. Probably better iron my pants as well. LOL!

Exciting news- I am now a .com! My new blog address is http://www.everydaymomstyle.com

Woot hoot!

Enjoy your day!

Pants: Nordstrom, Shoes: DSW, Shell: Loft, Cardigan: Nordstrom

Nov 20th, Leaving on A Jet Plane

My vacation starts today- and so I thought I’d show my airplane outfit. I’m flying to Hawaii, so I will be on the place for 6 hours, and I’ll also be going through a major climate change- it’s about 40 degrees here in the Northwest, and I’m hoping (praying) its’s MUCH warmer in Maui, so I need an outfit that when I land I can quickly change to be more appropriate for the warm weather.

Most importantly, I want to be comfy.  On that note- I went with my skinny jeans, a striped tank, cardigan, scarf and ballet flats. Upon landing, I can easily take off the cardigan and scarf and be ready for warm weather.

For today’s Before and After photos I’m showing how different cardigans can really change the look.

Take this sweater on the right, I really love this sweater, it’s like wearing a bathrobe or blanket. The problem is, I look like I’m wearing a bathrobe or blanket. Not flattering!

On the left is a much more flattering version. The slimmer cut, lighter fabric and the draping- it all makes for a better look.

The scarf will come in handy if it's cold on the plane.
As soon as we land, I'm ditching the sweater and 'hello sunshine!'

Stay tuned this week, I have some fun reader pictures/ outfits to share and maybe a few vacation posts…

Jeans: Madewell, Tank: Target, Cardigan on Left: Nordstrom, Cardigan on Right: Anthroplogie, Ballet Flats: Nordstrom

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