April 16th, How to Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Seconds

Ok, so my title is a little misleading. You won’t really lose 5 pounds in 5 seconds-  but look at my picture on the right compared to the left.

A belt makes all the difference!

I hesitated belting the sweater- but as soon as I saw the photo I knew it was the right choice.

The sweater is a bit shapeless, and by adding the belt I am now defining my waist- and also making my legs look longer- how is that possible?

Let me explain. Basically it’s all about balance.

Outfits need to be divided into thirds- not halves.

In the picture on the right my body is divided into half- the top half and the bottom half.

By adding the belt- the balance changes- and now the bottom half (below the belt) is larger- 2/3 of the outfit, while above the belt is 1/3.

I know, I know math on a Sunday morning- it’s too much!

Go enjoy your day. And a quick thank you to Mother Nature for another sunny day. I love you!

By defining my waist I look thinner.

Skirt: Nordstrom, Sweater: Old Navy, Shoes: Target, Belt: so old I can’t remember! LOL!

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Nov 12th, Weekend Casual

 Many of you probably know that Jennifer Aniston is my style icon- and this outfit it totally something she would wear. She makes it look so effortless and easy, yet I bet there is more planning involved than she’d ever let on!

For instance, as you can see in the outfit on the right- just khakis and a white t shirt doesn’t always work. With the long sleeves, high neckline, and boring shoes- this outfit is just too plain.

To improve my look, I’ve changed into a more modern shirt (it’s subtle, but see how the lower neckline really makes a difference?) and added a belt and necklace. I’ve also rolled my pant hems up and changed into my cute booties.  All in all- it is an improved version of a simple- yet classic weekend look.

Yes, Seattle friends- I took this picture a few days ago, back when it was sunny!

Pants: Louis Permilia, Shirt: Anthropologie, Shoes: Marshalls, Belt: American Eagle, Necklace: Gift

Sept 27th, I Spy With My Little Eye

This busy pattern works with a solid base.
Untucked seems messy to me.

Yesterday I talked about how Jessica Quirk, from What I Wore, said to always dress in 3’s, and then here I am today breaking the rule, or am I? Today I’m wearing a patterned blouse, black dress pants and pointy toed heels. But, if you look closely- I have still followed the rule of dressing in 3’s by adding 3 accessories.  I added a skinny belt, a black bracelet and a Van cleef Arpels knock off necklace that my mom picked up at the Palm Desert flea market- (thanks mom!).

In the photo on the right I show this blouse just worn plain- untucked. Nothing special…

On the left layered it over a black tank, tucked the blouse in, added accessories and now I’m ready for work. This blouse I bought at Marshalls for $15. I have mixed feelings about it. I think it’s fun because I rarely wear patterns, and I almost never wear green- but the pattern is a little wild. I think it works?! What do you think? Is this pattern ugly? Or is it ugly/ cute?

Sometimes even the smallest details make a difference.

Heels: Nordstrom, Pants: Nordstrom, Blouse: Marshalls, Bracelet: Kohls, Belt: Ann Taylor

Sept 10, Soccer Mom

Soccer moms can be stylish too!
Jeans and a tank- no effort outfit.

It’s officially fall, or at least the beginning of soccer season! Today is my daughter’s first game, luckily it looks like it will be another beautiful and warm day.

Since I’m going to be outside trudging around a dusty, dirty park I need to go very casual today. Ideally I’d wear a pair of boyfriend slouchy jeans- but since that’s on my shopping list, I’m making do with what I have. These jeans are from Banana Republic, and they are one of my favorite weekend pairs. I like the light blue wash and I love the way they fit- especially that they come up high enough around the waist that there is no crack peeking out! Personally, that is about the ugliest thing to catch an accidental glimpse of!  In the picture on the right- I’m wearing them as normal. They look a little blah. On the left, I have rolled the cuffs to add a little style to my look. On the right I just have on a simple white tank- untucked and un-accessorized. To top it off, I’m wearing my Birkenstocks again. This look screams- I don’t care what I look like!

On the left I have re-styled this same concept. I rolled the jeans up a bit to add some style. I partially tucked in the tank, added a cute braided belt and braided bracelet (it’s hard to see, it was my hubby’s in college and I think it’s so cool!). Inspired by the cute military vest style that is popping up everywhere (see my More Everyday Mom’s page)- I threw on my vest to add a little style and warmth. I also added a long necklace with a pendant and some cute brown sandals that I scooped up off the clearance rack at Kohl’s for $10- originally $40. What a deal!!

To see this vest on another fashion blog- click here!

Re-styled with belt, necklace, vest and better shoes.
I love the small details on this tank. The buttons down the front add visual interest.

Tank: Target, Jeans: Banana Republic, Vest: Old Navy, Belt: American Eagle, Necklace: Lia Sophia, Shoes: Kohl’s

August 27th, Target Leopard Belt Again

A cute little black button down shirt works~
Black golf shirt with zipper- a definite NO

How can you go wrong with a simple khaki skirt and black top? Here’s how! On the left I paired my skirt with a black golf shirt- it’s boring and unflattering. On the right, I swapped out the golf shirt for a short sleeved button down. I tucked it in- showing off my new belt.  I unbuttoned the top buttons, revealing a black bra. Ooh la la! Below I tried a 3rd look- an oversize top with a pendant necklace and the belt. I can’t decide which is cuter. What do you think?

Which look do you like better? The tucked in shirt, or the oversize shirt? Please comment!

August 26th, What Not to Wear

I’m sorry but I have to do this. I went to a PTA training last night and I honestly saw a few things that made me do a double take. First, I saw 2 women in Hawaiian shirts. Seriously?! Unless you are at a laua do not wear a Hawaiian shirt in public. The other shocker was a gal in a cute floral short skirt, a cute t shirt and then tennis shoes and socks! Gasp! The horror!

To show you how bad this looks- here are 2 outfits with the exact same pants and top. In the first I am wearing my tennis shoes and my pants are wrinkly. The striped tank is pulled down too low and hits across my widest part (hips) making me look even more wide.

To change this I ironed my pants, tucked my shirt in, changed my shoes and added a belt. Simple changes- big results. I know, I hate ironing as much as anyone, but it does make a difference. As for the shoes; yes, I want to be comfortable- so I chose a wedge heel. Try one- I swear, they are actually comfortable (this is coming from the gal who wears Birkenstocks). The cute necklace breaks up the stripes a bit and the piece de la resistance is my new leopard belt. It adds an unexpected pattern- and hence, a bit of style.

What do you think?

Unless you are running- do not wear tennis shoes in public!
A few simple changes turns this into a cute outfit.
Calling ANTM!! Just kidding...

Pants: Nordstroms, Tank: Target, Wedges: Ann Taylor Loft, Belt: Target, Necklace: Khol’s

August 20th, Black and White

Black, white and boring
Same concept, but with a little more style

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- I love black and white. It’s clean, simple and usually pretty easy to pull off. Today I threw on my white jeans and a black t shirt… nothing to it. But, actually, nothing to it looks a little plain and boring. So I restyled my look and changed my t shirt for a tank, added a funky necklace and swapped out my Birks (yes, I own 2 pairs of Grandpa shoes) and put on some black wedges. Much cuter, don’t you think?

Jeans: JC Penny, T Shirt: Gap, Tank: Nordstroms, Belt: Ann Taylor, Wedges: Macy’s (Franco Sarto)

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