Feb 25, Joggers

Do you remember pajama day in grade school? Today’s look is like pajama day for grown ups! I know I’ve said this before, but I am so excited that joggers have become mainstream. They are just so comfy to wear! However, you have to be sure the fit is right. For instance, in the look on the left-the joggers are too baggy, my giant fleece is too big and my tennis shoes are ugly. It’s not a cute or flattering look.

These cute ones come from Target. Yes, you heard that right, Target! They are Champion brand and were only $29. They come in a variety of colors. Mine are sort off grey-ish green, and they are the most comfortable thing in the world! Today I’ve paired them with this cute black top that covers my butt (notice the half tuck to give my waist some definition). I’ve rolled the hems to show a little skin, and threw on my slip on tennis shoes. I’ve mentioned this before, but I am wearing my no show Smart Wool socks with these shoes- they are the best. It’s a simple, casual look- perfect for everyday moms!

This top is sweatshirt material, softest ever! From Nordstrom Rack.
Champion Joggers from Target
Smart Wool socks!

Vince slip on shoes

Nov 22nd, Guest Post #1

Aloha! Today I am showing a cute before and after from one of my faithful readers, Erin.

As you can see from the first outfit, she looks a little boring. The black long sleeve shirt and jeans are fine- but there is nothing exciting about this look.

Next you can see how she has changed things up. She added this adorable blazer and this amazing necklace. She also switched out her plain black ballet shoes for these polka dot ones. Now that’s a look that will get a second glance. Well done! Thanks for sending in your pics!

This outfit is just too plain, there is no wow factor!

There is so much more attention to detail here! Very cute!

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