Oct 11th, Cozy Sweater

It finally feels like fall here in Seattle, so I decided it was time for my ultra cozy sweater. I bought this several years ago at Anthropologie, and absolutely love it because of all the detail in it- there is so much to look at!

I layered the cardigan over a plain black t shirt- then added a scarf to give the look an even more cozy feel to it. It’s such an improvement over the look on the right. Please note that I actually really love the sweater on the right- but paired with this high neck black shirt and Uggs- it’s too plain.

As for my bottoms- I need your opinion.

My first look is jeans rolled to look like boyfriend jeans (note- this is the exact same pair of jeans in both pictures). For my feet, I chose my short black cowboy boots. Looking at the photos, I honestly can’t decide if I like this look or not!

Next I decided to try the sweater paired with my purple jeans- see below!

What do you think? Purple jeans or blue jeans?

To make my jeans look like boyfriend jeans, I simply rolled the bottoms. So simple!

You may notice this sweater is starting to pill a bit… I have a trick for you! Using a razor, shave your sweater and the pills will disappear. It takes a little time, but so worth it to save a favorite piece! Just be very careful- if the sweater is thin, you could easily make a hole.

You might also notice that you can see my short sleeves from the t shirt bunching up under the sweater- I will swap out this shirt for a long sleeve shirt so that the sleeves don’t bunch.

Please take a minute to comment- blue jeans or purple jeans?!

Sweater: Anthropologie (similar), Scarf: Target (similar), Jeans: Target, Booties: DSW, Black Boots: Frye

Nov 29th, A Long Time Coming

 I swear, I must be either really tired, really jet lagged or just plain worn out- but it took me 30 minutes to get dressed this morning. I stood in my closet and stared at my clothes for 30 minutes. Seriously! I don’t know what was wrong, but I simply couldn’t put together an outfit.

Often when this happens, I’ll just reach for an old stand by- but since I’m trying to show different looks each day, I didn’t want to bore anyone with an outfit you’ve seen recently, so this is the best I could do.

I did warn you all yesterday that I’m a simple dresser… I didn’t lie!

Part of my problem is that I’m going to Costco today, and really wanted to wear something comfortable. I decided to go with skinny blue jeans (they look black in this picture, but they are actually blue), a black v neck shirt and then I added this cute striped open cardigan.

On the right you can see the outfit without the cardigan. This used to be my sister Erin’s daily look. It’s simple, easy and slimming, but it’s also boring. Why not throw on a little cardigan to add some interest? To finish it off (and follow my rule of 3), add a necklace. In this case, a long necklace is needed to help draw the eye down.

The long necklaces help break up the solid black of the t shirt.

Jeans: Madewell, T Shirt: Nordstroms, Striped Cardigan: Marshalls, Necklace: H&M, Shoes: Nordstrom

Oct 16th, White After Labor Day?

Off white pants are totally appropriate after Labor Day!
While I love black and white together, this seems a little dull!

Good morning- happy Sunday! My hubby and I had a date last night, so I am actually going to post what I wore out with him- rather than my Sunday outfit. I’m playing tennis this morning, and then spending the rest of my day cleaning my house- so you probably don’t want to see that outfit!

A lot of people wonder about the whole white after Labor Day thing- and according to Tim Gunn, it’s ok! And in my book- he is the expert! I think the secret is to not wear stark white, these pants are a little creamy white (hard to tell in the photos). The other secret is to wear closed toe shoes- so you don’t look like you’re trying to still be in summer mode!

On the right I’ve paired my trousers with a black t shirt and black heels. I love black and white together, but this is just too boring.

To spice things up a bit, I’ve added my cropped trench coat, added a necklace and changed my shoes for these cute leopard heels. Ready to go hit the town!

Have a great day!

The cropped trench is a great alternative for a cardigan or blazer.

Pants: Express, T shirt: Nordstroms, Trench: H&M, Necklace: Forever 21, Leopard Shoes: DSW

August 20th, Black and White

Black, white and boring
Same concept, but with a little more style

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- I love black and white. It’s clean, simple and usually pretty easy to pull off. Today I threw on my white jeans and a black t shirt… nothing to it. But, actually, nothing to it looks a little plain and boring. So I restyled my look and changed my t shirt for a tank, added a funky necklace and swapped out my Birks (yes, I own 2 pairs of Grandpa shoes) and put on some black wedges. Much cuter, don’t you think?

Jeans: JC Penny, T Shirt: Gap, Tank: Nordstroms, Belt: Ann Taylor, Wedges: Macy’s (Franco Sarto)

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