Nov 29, Three for Thursday- Fur Vest

I want to be cute and comfy today (I think I say that every day!). So I decided to go with my cream stretchy cords. They are so soft and so warm, perfect for a cold winter day. I love pairing black and cream together- it’s an easy, classic combination.

My first look on the right I have on a large, baggy black top. It’s not doing much for me- too loose, too boring.

On the left I have replaced it with this slimmer, long sleeve V neck black t shirt- and then to add warmth (and some style) I added my faux fur vest. To finish it off, I added a long pendant necklace that ties all the colors together. For my shoes I chose my desert booties. I can wear socks with these- so my feet are nice and toasty and the subtle color doesn’t distract from the rest of the outfit.

Now, being that it is Three for Thursday, I’ve decided to show you some other ways I’ve worn this faux fur vest. It’s a fun piece to have in your closet- a great little way to dress up an otherwise plain or boring outfit. Plus, it makes me so warm!

Oct 3rd, Walking the Dog

The vest adds a bit of edginess to this look.
This outfit is too plain, no personality is showing.

I have affectionately named this vest ‘the dog’ because of it’s shaggy hair- and for those of you who know me- this is the closest I’ll come to owning a dog!

Since I don’t have any client meetings today, I thought this might be a fun and edgy outfit. I’m showing on the right my original look- just the plain black v neck t shirt and jeans and boots. Nothing special. To bring some fun and personality into it- I threw on my furry vest and added a long necklace.  It’s what I call ‘rock star glam’. In my mind, if I were a rock star wife I’d wear stuff like this (although they would probably be wearing heels, and definitely wouldn’t be shopping at  Marshalls!).

I spoke of this last week, but in case you are new here- I like to dress in 3’s. So here I have shirt (1), vest (2) and necklace (3). I like the way the necklace pulls some color from the vest, and the length draws the eye down.

To me, it’s fun, different and very comfy! Perfect!

I found this vest at Marshalls. Gotta love that!


Jeans: Nordstrom Rack, Boots: Frye, Shirt: Nordstrom, Vest: Marshalls, Necklace: Forever 21

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