Dec 12th, 30 for 30 Day 12

I really really love these pants. Because they are cords, they are soft, warm and ultra comfy. Just my style!

I also love them because I love the color- a lot of people shy away from wearing white (or off white) after Labor Day.

This is an old & outdated rule. These creamy white pants are perfectly appropriate for the season.

Today I’ve paired them with this pretty blue sweater with dolman sleeves, and then I accented with this brown and blue checked infinity scarf. An infinity scarf is a great solution if you’re unsure of how to tie a regular scarf. You can’t screw this kind up. Just put it on and loop it around as many times as you want. Voila! Super easy!

As for my shoes- I decided to go with my brown boots. At first I thought about flats- but decided it didn’t look wintery enough (plus, my feet were cold!).

Hope you have a great day.

I thought about wearing flats, but my feet were too cold!

Pants: Nordstrom, Sweater: Nordstrom, Boots: DSW, Scarf: Macy’s

Nov 30th, Month in Review

Here is a review of all my outfits for the month! Click on any of them and it will take you to the slideshow (sorry mobile users- the slide show doesn’t work on phones- you have to actually go to my site!). Thanks! 🙂

Nov 18th, TGIF

Another week under my belt, and can I say TGIF?! It’s been a LONG week! I don’t know about you- but my kiddos have been driving me nuts, is that bad?! I think I’m ready for my vacation!

If you’ve been reading this for a while, you may have noticed that I seem to really like the classic, preppy look!

On the right I’m showing one example, but it doesn’t quite work. Although this jacket is cute- the collar is a little too large, and the cotton fabric (it’s like sweat shirt material) wrinkles so easily that it looks messy.

On the left I’m showing an improved version. Even though there was nothing wrong with the plain blue shirt from the right- to add a little interest and pattern, I’ve decided to go with this cute checked shirt. I’m wearing it under my blue blazer, which looks more polished.

I also have on my new favorite skinny jeans- Skinny Skinny by Madewell. These are incredibly comfy and they were around $100, which I think is reasonable (think price per wear- I wear my skinnys at least twice a week). They have so much stretch in them and the cotton is so soft, it is honestly like wearing sweat pants! Heaven!

I’ve finished the whole look off with my brown boots. Now, is it too soon for Happy Hour?!

I decided to tuck in my shirt for a cleaner look.
For a more casual look I think this shirt is cute enough to stand on it's own.

Shirt: Land’s End (Sears), Blazer: Land’s End (Sears), Jeans: Madewell, Boots: DSW

Nov 6th, Ready to Rumble

Again, dorky title- but it’s all I could think of! Plus I just attended my son’s basketball playoff game and it sort of felt like a rumble.

Seriously, what
is it with some parents and their ultra competitiveness in kid’s sports? These are KIDS! Let’s set the example of good sportsmanship!

Ok, enough preaching.

I wanted to wear jeans, a t shirt and a jacket today.  I could have gone like this outfit on the right, but I wanted to look a little more stylish than that.

I opted for my brown leather jacket. I’ve paired it with my dark skinny jeans, brown boots and this fun scarf. A simple, easy and stylish outfit for this gorgeous fall day.

Jeans with a leather jacket make for a more stylish look than the North Face.

Jeans: Anthropologie, Jacket: Marshalls, Boots: DSW, Scarf: Boutique in Seattle

Oct 23, Copycat

This is not an original outfit- in fact it is a complete copy of an outfit I saw on some of the other blogs I follow.  Sadly I can’t remember where, or I would give credit. If you know, please feel free to comment.

On the right I am showing how although this is a simple and easy outfit- there is still a chance to get it wrong, as seen here! The high waisted black pants aren’t doing much for my figure, the black boots are boring and the shirt tucked in is just plain bad…

On the left is the look I copied. I untucked the shirt, threw on a necklace and changed the baggy and wrinkled cargos for skinny black pants. Notice my brown Target boots. This seems to be a trend this fall- the brown and black combo. Who would have thought?

A small detail to point out- my leather braided bracelet. This was my husband’s in college, and I love the vintage look and feel to it! Very cool!

I guess I really like this look because it is so easy, simple, yet seems stylish. And just to be clear- the whole reason I started this blog was to get inspired and get ideas from more fashionable people… so don’t get mad at me for being a copycat, ok? And yes, you’re right- I should have ironed this shirt!

Pants: Gap, Shirt: Target, Boots: Target, Necklace: Anthropologie
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