Oct. 14th, Blue Jean Lady

The flats and the skinny jeans make this outfit a little more stylish.
Surely this doesn't even require a comment. It should be very obvious why this doesn't work!

Two words: Oh dear! I imagine the picture on the right doesn’t really need much more explanation than that, but just in case- let me start by saying I have actually seen women wearing this (including the tennis shoes).

While yesterday’s post was on not being too trendy and trying too hard- today’s post is about at least making a little effort. The clothes we wear are often the first impression people have of us, and sadly the outfit on the right leaves the impression that you are out of date. Luckily, all it takes is a few small changes to make this outfit look a bit better.

Let’s start with the jeans. I know you all are pretty sick of seeing me in my skinny jeans. But honestly, they work so well with most of my tops- and the dark color is a more current look. The length is perfect for ballet flats, which is the perfect shoe for us busy moms. And, the best part is that they are very comfy! Be sure to buy jeans with stretch (spandex) in them.

Now for the shoes- seriously, unless you are running a marathon, please DO NOT wear your tennis shoes out of the house. I understand the whole ‘my feet hurt’ thing, I get it- my feet hurt too! But, if you invest in some great flats (Cole Haan’s are my favorite) they will actually be extremely comfortable and WAY more stylish than tennis shoes.

Lastly, let’s talk about the cardigan. I know, on Monday I shunned the basic boring cardy- and then here I am today wearing one. The reason this works is because: 1) I unbuttoned it, 2) it’s layered over a button down plaid shirt (which is over a tank top- and unbuttoned a bit- so it looks fresh and modern). 3) Because my plaid shirt is the focus of the outfit, the cardigan simply acts as a supporting piece. It ties in the color from my bottom half- having 1 uniform color from head to toe is a great way to appear slimmer.

Ok that’s it- I’m off to wake the kids up for school. Wish me luck!

See you tomorrow! Shirt: Target, Sweater: H&M, Jeans: Anthrolopologie, Ballet Flats: Target

This would even work without the cardigan, expect I'm always cold!

Oct 10th, Cardigan Love

A cardigan doesn't have to be boring!
Yikes! You can see the bulge of my tummy with this look- a definite What NOT to wear!

 As you all know, I love a good cardigan.  They add warmth, style and interest to an outfit.
In today’s post, I’m showing two different cardigans- both I like a lot, but in the picture on the right it’s just not working. To be honest, it just seems a little boring.  To make it even worse, you can see the bulge of my tummy!

On the left I am wearing a great alternative to a standard cardigan. With it’s cute collar , unique 3/4 sleeves and the tie in front, it seems more interesting.

As for my jeans- they are Paige Denim.  The dark denim and long length make them perfect for work, (Nordstroms will alter for free if you pay full price- ask to have the original hem re-attached).  They come up high enough around the waist that my undies don’t show and they have lots of stretch to make them comfy. Worth the investment.

On the right I’m wearing boring brown boots. These shoes add nothing to this look. On the left I’ve switched the boots out for snakeskin pointy toed heels. The snakeskin is a perfect match for the oatmeal color of this sweater, and adds polish and style to my look.

I’ve also added a necklace. With the low neckline of the tank, I need something to draw the eye upwards (a tip from a reader yesterday).  The beads in the necklace reflect the oatmeal in the sweater as well.

Love how the tie covers my tummy!
Cute necklace from Jewel Kade.

Cardigan: Nordstrom, Jeans: Nordstrom, Tank: Nordstrom, Button down Cardigan: J Crew, Shoes: DSW

Sept 26th, Falling In Love

When you think about dressing in 3's you'll never look boring!
This just seems a little boring!

I love fall- and it seems like most people do. What is it? The cooler weather? Back to school? College football? For me, it’s the clothes! Today is a typical fall day in the Pacific Northwest- it’s grey, rainy and mild temperature.

Once again, I am showing how to build an outfit. I started with my skinny jeans and a purple shirt. Just these 2 items alone are boring! So, I’m taking advice from Jessica Quirk- of What I Wore. She advises you always dress in 3’s. I knew this to be true when decorating (group collections of things in three’s), but it’s also true for building an outfit.

Following this advice I added a grey grandpa style cardigan. I’ll admit- when the salesgirl at J Crew suggested I buy this, I hesitated. I thought there was no way I would wear that. Luckily, she convinced me and I’m so glad. I’ve had this sweater for almost 2 years now and I wear it all the time. The grey is a great neutral color and I can throw this sweater on over any skinny pants and add style and hide my butt at the same time. Genius!

Building on the purple top and the grey sweater, this new scarf from Target is the perfect final touch. I love the colors- and it seems to tie the whole look together. To complete the look, I have on black ballet flats (to match the black in the scarf) and a very small arm party 0f silver bracelets (to match the grey sweater). That’s it… now I’m off to work! Have a great Monday!

In this picture I left the scarf untied. Not sure which is better? What do you think?

I’m participating in Momtrends Monday Mingle today, so to see some other great looks from other bloggers, click here!

Jeans: Anthropologie, Top: Nordstrom, Cardigan: J Crew, Scarf: Target, Shoes: Nordstrom (Tory Burch)

Sept 20th- Ladies Who Lunch

A cute dress and cardigan is perfect for attending a charity luncheon.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I LOVE dresses! One reason I love them is because essentially they are the whole outfit. No need to worry about matching top and bottom- it’s already done for you. Throw on a little jacket- or in this case cardigan, add some cute shoes and you’re set.

This dress is a good choice- it’s sweet, it’s simple and it’s perfect for the fundraising luncheon I’m attending today. It’s for Starlight Children’s Foundation– which is an incredible organization that works to bring joy and happiness into critically ill children’s lives. Enough said.

Because of the high neckline and busy pattern I decided to skip a necklace.
I like the cardigan and closed toe shoe for the charity lunch- it's more demure...

Dress: Banana Republic, Cardigan: Banana Republic, Shoes: Nordstrom

Sept 11th, My Sunday Best

Casual skirt with t shirt- perfect for attending a sporting event.

I almost melted yesterday! Seriously- it was so much hotter than I anticipated- and we lost our soccer game. Bummer.  Since today I am lacrosse mom- and will be sitting outside for several hours- I have chosen a much cooler outfit. I am wearing one of my favorite skirts- you might even recognize it. It’s from North Face and it is made of bamboo- which means it is so incredibly soft and comfortable. It also has a cool hemline- which adds interest. On top I am wearing something totally different than my usual style- it’s a t shirt that I actually bought for my son- but it was too big! I think it’s perfect for today- it’s casual, but cool- and adds an unexpected twist to my entire look. I love the guitar on the front- sort of ‘rock and roll cool’. To bring back the ‘sweetness’ I layered a hot pink, ladylike cardigan. I will peal this off as soon as it gets warm.

What do you think, would you wear this? Do I look ridiculous?

I love the rock and roll t shirt. So out of my element!
The cardigan can come off when it gets hot.

Sept 5th, A Labor (Day) of Love

Tank, black cardigan and cropped jeans.
Same look as on the left- but something is seriously wrong!

I titled this post ‘A Labor of Love’ because that is what this project has become for me! Although it’s time consuming, I’m enjoying posting everyday.  I love getting dressed every day (never thought I’d say that). This project has totally inspired me to think twice before getting dressed- and I’m enjoying looking ay my closet in a new way.

Tell me- have you been inspired? Please share!

My outfit today is simple, cropped jeans, a tan shirt and black cardigan. On the right I am showing how even this simple look can go wrong. My shirt’s neckline is too high and it is too tight (notice the tummy bulging underneath- time for more sit ups!). While the black cardigan is actually really cute- it looks strange with this neckline, adds nothing to this outfit- and appears blah. The black shoes- surely I don’t even need to explain how bad these are.

On the left I have swapped out the tight crew neck shirt for a loose fitting, longer tank. My secret with tanks is I always wear a tight tank underneath. It helps suck the tummy in, and also prevents the tank on top from appearing see through. Over the tank I am wearing a black cardigan, but this one has more interest. It is better fitting- longer, and has a cute little gather in the middle.  I also added my cute new necklace that I picked up at Forever 21 yesterday. To complete the look I am wearing my snakeskin slides. I love how this tiny bit of animal print can make the entire outfit.

A looser tank and longer cardigan fix this outfit.
necklace from Forever 21
Snakeskin wedge- so cute!

Jeans: Kohl’s, Tank: H&M, Cardigan: Standard Style Boutique (Kansas City) Necklace: Forever 21, Wedges: Marshalls

Sept 4th, Day Dress Done Right

Cute day dress paired with flat sandals keeps it casual.
Too casual, and too short! Looks like a swim suit cover-up.

I’m taking my daughter to the American Girl store today, so I wanted to wear a dress for this special occasion. On the right I’m wearing a simple cotton day dress, but it is too short and it looks like a swim cover-up, especially since I paired it with flip flops. On the left I am wearing a better version of a day dress. The belted waist is more slimming and the longer hemline is more appropriate. In case I get cold, I added a cute cardigan and for visual interest I added a cool necklace. I also replaced the flip flops with my favorite sandals from Target. Now, off to spend $$$ on doll clothes, seriously?!

A cardigan with some details adds interest.
The cardigan will come in handy in the air conditioned store.
The straps add an unusual twist (pun intended!).

Dress: Club Monaco, Cardigan: H&M, Necklace: Anthropologie, Sandals: Target, Swim Cover-up: Old Navy

August 25th, Not So Boring Black

LBD with striped short sleeved cardigan
without the cardigan, it has enough detail to stand alone

Everyone should own a couple LBD’s- one for day, one for night, and so on… this one I bought a few years ago and it’s become a favorite. It’s oh-so comfortable, yet still stylish. I threw on a striped short sleeved cardigan to add a tiny bit of warmth- but as the day heats up- I’ll can take it off and the dress works well alone. The tiny black necklace and cute black and beige heels pull the whole look together.

For a totally different look I was inspired my new blogging friend, Melanie from http://shoppingscout.kansascity.com/. She posted on this cute utility vest yesterday, so I rushed to Old Navy and quickly snapped up my own. I decided to try it with this dress and patent leather flats for a totally different look. What do you think? I think I’m in love…

The Utility Vest- Inspired by Melanie Scout- A Mom's Guide to Stylish Living
The Utility Vest- Inspired by Melanie from Scout- A Mom’s Guide to Stylish Living
Dress: Nordstrom, Striped Cardigan: Marshalls, Shoes: Banana Republic, Flat: Nordtsrom, Vest: Old Navy

August 23rd, Girl Gone Wild

A little animal print goes a long way....

I bought this tank to take to Vegas last year when I turned 40- and then promptly put it in my closet and never pulled it out again. However, lately I’m seeing the trend for the fall is animal prints, so I thought I’d give it a go. I paired it with a pink short sleeved cardigan with a bit of a ruffle- to sort of play down the edginess of the print. On the bottom I threw on my black cargo’s with a rolled cuff and my ever favorite Target sandals. To accessorize I wore a charm necklace and bracelet.

I actually feel pretty cute today… definitely out of my comfort zone, but having fun trying a new look. Would Jen wear this? Probably not! Oh well…

Top: Express, Cardigan: Anthropologie, Pants: White House, Black Market, Shoes: Target

August 22nd, Jeans and a Cardigan

I decided to go with cropped jeans, a tank and a cardigan today. I just bought this cardigan at Nordstroms and I love it! I love the shade of purple- a color I rarely wear- and I love the texture. It’s sort of drapey and ribbed and oh so comfortable! I also happened to have a necklace with just the same shade of purple, how awesome is that? To top off the look, I went with my snakeskin Tory Burch flats.

Notice in my ‘before’ picture how different it looks when I am just wearing a standard cardigan as opposed to the new one; before it’s just kind of boring… I wonder if darker jeans would have made this even cuter? What do you think?

After: with a more unique cardigan, it adds a little style to the look
before: boring cardigan

Jeans: Express, Tank: Express, Cardigan: Nordstroms, Necklace: H&M, Shoes: Tory Burch

I apologize for the quality of these photos… I’m working on how to improve them. Thanks for your patience!

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