Jan 29th, Casual Day

These North Face leggings are a dream.


They are so incredibly warm and soft. Some days as soon as I get home from work I put these on- they are just so comfy. The pattern is subtle, but a little more fun than just plain black. Today I’ve paired them with this cute asymmetrical waffle top from Costco! Seriously! Costco!  I never shop for clothes at Costco but a friend of mine had this top and I thought it was so cute! I love the fun hemline- and while I don’t hate my before look- I do like the way this asymmetrical top covers me up a bit more!


Leggings- North Face- REI

Top- Costco

Shoes- Adidas- Nordstrom Rack

Jan 21, Day Off

Let’s talk about the outfits below!

It’s MLK Day, and since I am a substitute teacher- I have the day off! Yeah! I want to be comfy and cute at the same time- and this outfit does that. The before outfit on the left is just a little too sloppy. Mostly my pant legs- see how they bag and gather at the bottom? I bought these pants at Athleta a few years ago and they were expensive and incredibly comfortable. But now looking at the photo- they aren’t flattering. The after ones I just bought at Fabletics, and they are amazing. First of all, they were half the price (I got them on sale), second the fabric is fleece lined. Yum! And third, they have pockets! Oh yeah!

Other changes I made were swapping out the bright fleece for an understated grey sweater. I’m still warm and comfy, but the sweater just brings it up a notch. The detailing on the shoulders make it interesting. It’s simple, yet there is something there. I also did the famous half tuck to break up the straight line across my middle, and switched out the clunky tennis shoes for cute slip ons (which are the most comfortable shoes I think I’ve ever owned. If you don’t know this about me- here you go- my feet hurt ALL the TIME.)  It sucks- and shoes are an issue for me. So, I swear by these!! And- best of all,  I wear socks with them!

And there you go- simple changes, but a much cuter look!



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Pants- Fabletics (I looked online and couldn’t find them, I bought them in store, but here is a link to her site in case you have better luck than me!)

Shoes- Vince (Nordstrom Rack)

Sweater- Calson (Nordstrom, it’s OLD, sorry!)

Socks- Smart Wool 

Jan 16th, Puffy Vest

DSCN6431DSCN1956I’m working from home again today (actually working from my bed- I’m still having my back issues) so I’m dressed in ultra casual, ultra comfy clothes.

I’ve opted for my black leggings, a grey sweater and this cute patterned puffy vest (although truth be told, while I’m in my bed I don’t have the vest or boots on! :))

It’s a much cuter outfit than the plain one* on the right, don’t you think?

Leggings: Nordstrom, Sweater: Nordstrom, Boots: Frye, Vest: Old Navy
Leggings: Nordstrom, Sweater: Nordstrom, Boots: Frye, Vest: Old Navy

* this is an old picture taken last summer- hence the gorgeous flowers behind me. If I took it today, you would see frost! 🙂

June 9th, Baby Got Back

Good morning! It’s another fairly ‘unfashionable’ outfit from me today, but as I’ve said many, many times- this is a real blog- and a real reflection of what I am wearing!

Since it’s Saturday- and the first Saturday in a long time that we have no plans, I am going to spend the day lounging around my house, tackling projects, reading my book, playing with the kids and maybe taking the dog for a walk.

That being said- (as usual)- comfort is key!

Today I opted for my black stretch pants and a tunic. To add a little color and interest, I threw on this gorgeous raspberry scarf. As with other scarves, I safety pinned the ends together (to make an infinity scarf) and then looped it around my head 2 times. Simple as that!

Yes, I know it is not cutting edge fashion, but its the perfect outfit for a lazy Saturday.

As for Baby Got Back- seriously?!

Unless you are under the age of 20 (or exercising)- please don’t wear skin tight pants with a short shirt. No matter how skinny you are- no one wants to see your backside- as demonstrated below!

Look out Kim Kardashian!

March 10, Weekend/ Workout Clothes

I’ve been asked by several readers to show workout clothes, so today I decided that’s what I would do.

Some days after my workout I might not have time to change before running errands, so I at least want to look sort of cute, right?

On the right is my example of a not so cute look. The pants with the white stripes down the side are too loose, they’re dated and not flattering at all.  Also worth noting is how much shorter my legs look in these pants compared to the picture on the left.

The plain black fleece is also boring and the bright white tennis shoes are U-G-L-Y!

On the left is my new look.

I’m wearing Lululemon pants. If you don’t own any of these- seriously consider buying some. They are expensive- but so worth it.  I love the way they fit.

There is something very special about the fabric, it seems to suck me in where I need to be sucked- and thick enough to hide the cottage cheese underneath (and I do have cottage cheese).

I’ve then layered a pink fitted pullover over my white work out tank- and for extra warmth added a black quilted vest on top. To add even more interest, I have on my pink tennis shoes (much cuter than the plain white ones on the right- these look like nurse shoes!).

This would also be a cute side-line outfit for all you soccer (or lacrosse) moms!

Enjoy your Saturday! Go Wolves!

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March 4, All About the Footwear

 One of the most common questions I get from readers is ‘don’t your feet get cold in ballet flats?’.

The simple answer is ‘it depends’.

As long as I am going to be indoors most of the day, then my feet are fine in flats. If I’m going to be in and out a lot, then my feet definitely get cold, and I am much happier in my boots.

So, that being said- this outfit was designed around my shoes.

To be honest, most mornings that is how I plan my outfit. I think to myself; ‘What is my plan for today? Where will I be? What am I doing?” and then I go from there.

If I’m going to be on my feet all day- definitely flats, if I’m just going to work and will be sitting at my desk- I’ll wear heels, if it’s cold- boots with socks.

Last winter I wore my black boots almost everyday. This year I’ve been trying to change things up.

The one shoe I am trying to avoid are my ugly Uggs. Yes, they are warm and comfy- and if you ask the moms at the school bus stop- they will tell you that occasionally I will have them on- gasp! It’s early and they are easy to slip on, but as soon as I get home, shower and get dressed I chose a cuter shoe.

Now for my outfit today- on the right I am wearing head to toe blue- which I just said on Friday is a great way for petite gals to look taller- but in this case, it’s too boring and isn’t very flattering.

On the left I’ve switched out the Uggs for my brown boots and traded my blue button down for this cute grey and blue striped turtleneck. To add some style and warmth I’ve thrown on my brown leather jacket. It’s an easy and stylish way to keep warm while running errands.

I know, you don't even have to say it- these jeans are to baggy around the knee.

Shirt: J Crew, Jeans: Nordstrom, Jacket: Marshalls, Boots: DSW

March 1st, Goodwill Hunting

 I went to the Goodwill the other day for a little ‘market research’.

I decided that I’d try on a few pairs of ‘mom jeans’ to demonstrate  how the cut and style of jeans can make a HUGE difference.

Don’t believe me? See the pictures at the bottom of the page.

What surprised me was that there were so many pairs of designer jeans there. OMG! Who knew?

If you know the cut and style that best flatters your figure, I’d suggest try looking at the Goodwill. I saw Nordstrom (Calson), Michael Kors, Citizens of Humanity, GAP and so on… I was truly amazed.

If you don’t know the best style for your figure, I wouldn’t suggest the Goodwill just yet. Go to department store and ask for help. An experienced salesperson should be able to help find the perfect pair.

Now, on to today’s look.

I’ve paired my jeans with a orange cardigan (for any OSU fans out there.)

On the right I am showing my ‘before look’ with a baggy pair of faded jeans, Uggs and the sweater buttoned up.

On the left I have replaced the faded jeans with my skinny dark jeans, unbuttoned my sweater and added this gorgeous floral scarf. I’ve also replaced the Uggs with my leopard flats. All in all, it’s a simple easy style for everyday moms!

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Below are my dressing room pics from Goodwill- I apologize for the lighting and quality (I was using my phone).

Just remember, no matter what your figure is, there are jeans that look great on you, and those that don’t!  Take the time (and spend the money) to find amazing jeans that fit.

Jeans: Madewell, Shoes: Target, Sweater: Target, Scarf: J Crew (similar)

I don't think I even need to tell you how bad this looks- but I will. The rise (crotch) is way to long, my hips look big and the color is bad.
These make me look like I have saddlebags and the length is too short!

Feb 10th, Jet Setter

 I have a very early flight to sunny  southern California today, so I’m showing what I am wearing on the plane.

To me, comfort is key- but I also don’t want to look like I’m in sweats or my pj’s (I’ve actually seen adults wearing pj’s on planes!)

Instead of sloppy sweats, I’ve chosen comfy leggings. To be honest, I resisted leggings for a long time- thinking I am way too old to be wearing them.

I remember when they were popular in the early 80’s (thank you Madonna). I figured that since I wore them the first time around I should probably resist the second.

So, that being said- I don’t wear them a ton- but when I do- boy are they comfy. For my top I’ve chosen this loose tunic. As with the skinny jeans, with leggings it is VERY important that your shirt hangs down way below your bum. It can’t just graze the butt- it needs to be full coverage. Trust me.

I’m showing my original look on the right- and then on the left I’m showing how by adding just a few pieces I turned this boring outfit into something more interesting. Plus, having layers on an airplane is essential.

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I use my largest purse as my carryon- it fits my laptop, magazines and everything else!

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Leggings: Nordstrom, Shoes: Nordstrom, Tunic: H&M, Scarf: Gift, Cardigan: Standard Boutique (Kansas City)

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