March 16, Weekend Casual

Saturdays in my house are a day for catching up on a ton of housework.  I do laundry, clean the bathrooms, change the sheets and mop my kitchen floor. Please don’t be jealous of my glamorous life! To do all of these chores, I like to be super comfy and casual- so I opt for leggings and a cute workout top. 

As you can see- in the photo on the left I have on long leggings and a black fleece- nothing really wrong with this look, but isn’t the one on the right a little more interesting? These ¾ length leggings are a little more on trend, and the bright, long sleeve work out top adds some nice color to my outfit. 

A great detail about this top is the cinched sides. It provides a little ruching, which is great for hiding tummys. The bad thing is it’s a little short, so if I need to run an errand, I will tie a sweatshirt around my waist in order to hide my butt. Easy! 

Leggings are from Lululemon.

Enjoy your Saturday. Hopefully you have better plans that I do! 

Feb 3rd, Super Bowl

Since the Seahawks aren’t in the Super Bowl this year, I think I’ll skip wearing the team sweatshirt and go for a cute and VERY cozy striped cardigan instead.  The loose tank under the cardigan is perfect for a Super Bowl party. There is plenty of room for me to eat to my hearts content. Which I will be doing since I could care less about the actual game!


Now here’s a little secret about what’s underneath my tank- another tank!

I wear a tank top almost every day under my clothes. I love this one that I found at Uniqlo. It keeps me warm- and also helps hold my tummy in. Plus, with the built in bra, it is an easy and comfy way to get the support I need (for those of you who want to know,  I am a B cup, so this may not work for you bigger breasted gals).


Sweater- Marshalls

Tank- Uniqlo

Tank- Anne Taylor

Shoes- Marshalls

Jeans- Nordstrom

March 25th, So Simple

One thing I’ve learned in this ‘fashion journey’ is how a very simple outfit can either look stylish or not- depending on small details.

A good example of that is today’s outfit.  I’ve paired blue jeans with a white t shirt and a black cardigan.

But- as you can see on the right, this outfit is awful.

The loose, baggy jeans are too long (see how they puddle around my ankles). The white t shirt has a neckline that is too high- and the cardigan looks awkward (the neckline is so much lower than the t shirt). And to be honest, the outfit is just a little too boring.

On the left I have replaced the baggy jeans with these cute slim and cropped ones (Old Navy, Diva style)

I’ve switched out the cardigan for this longer, short sleeve one and then added a scarf to add interest and color to the outfit. Now my outfit has a focal point.

For my shoes, instead of the ugly black Sketchers (on the right), I’ve got on cute black ballet flats.

Simple little changes that make a big difference! Enjoy your weekend. The sun in shining in Seattle today! Thank you Mother Nature!

I love this faux Burberry scarf!

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Jeans: Old Navy, Cardigan: Standard Style Boutique (Kansas City), Flats:Nordstrom, Scarf: gift from hubby!

Feb 12th, Keeping it Simple

 For you regular readers, you know I am a fan of very simple style. I love the classic look of khaki and white. There’s nothing fussy about it- it’s such an easy and stylish outfit.

However, it is possible to even screw this up! As you can see on the right- these cargo pants are cute- but like this they are a  little boring, especially paired with this plain crew neck shirt. Blah!

On the left I have replaced the long pants for these cute cropped pants and then added one of my favorite shirts of all time. I LOVE this shirt- it is the softest cotton and has stretchy jersey inset panels in the sides, so it moves with my body- making it incredibly comfy. (Looking at the pictures I should have ironed it! Whoops!)

To add a little personality, I’ve added this gorgeous green necklace and my leopard flats. Again, nothing earth shattering- but a simple and casual mom outfit.

White doesn't have to be boring. Just make sure there is something interesting about your outfit.

I took all my photos for the upcoming week before I left on my vacation- which sure made for easy packing! And don’t forget to click on the link below to vote for my blog- I’m in the top 20, which is awesome! Thank you!!!

Shirt: James Perse, Khakis: Gap, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Stella and Dot

Jan 8th, Weekend Casual- Layering

Today I need to run a few errands, and then I’m planning on doing some essential work around the house- so I’m ultra casual- just jeans and a t shirt!

But alone- it’s a little boring.

Here’s a tip I’ve learned- layering is key! It adds texture and interest to any outfit!

You can see I have a white tank under the pink shirt, and then on top  I decided to add this cute utility jacket.

I love this jacket- love the length (covers my butt), love the ruggedness of the look (compared to this sweet pink shirt), and love the deep pockets! You never know what you’ll find in there!

In addition to adding the jacket,  I switched out my Uggs for my wedge heeled boots and rolled my cuffs. Again, very simple- not ultra stylish- but at least I’ve made a little effort!

I like the pairing of the pink shirt with the green jacket. Fun color combo!

The other day I asked what is your ‘go to’ shoe for the season? Clearly, mine are these cute boots!

Well, my sweet neighbor, Laurel, sent me this link. I don’t think these are her ‘go to’ shoes, but for a great laugh- check out this hilarious website with high heeled tennis shoes.

For real!

Please, just promise me you won’t buy any! 🙂

Shirt: Michael Stars, Jeans: Gap, Jacket: Marshalls, Boots: Khol’s

Jan 2nd, Keeping it Real

I apologize for not posting yesterday! First time in 143 days that I’ve missed a day, and I am so sorry!

We spent New Year’s Eve at a hotel in Seattle and then spent all day yesterday walking around, shopping, eating and exploring our wonderful city. By the time I got home it was too late.

Today’s outfit is not that exciting, but you know how I feel about ‘keeping it real’ here, so this is really what I’m wearing.

I’m going to take my puppy for a walk, then spend the rest of the day cleaning out my closet (now that I know I don’t need so many clothing, I’ve decided it’s time for a BIG clean out). I’m also going to do laundry, clean my kitchen, change the sheets, plan my meals for the week…

You know the drill- all those essential things that must get done that no one else in the family notices!

I’m showing 2 options of my ‘dog walking’ outfit. The one on the right is just a little plain- the grey fleece is unflattering and dull. The one on the left is more fun. The bright pink top is more eye catching, and it matches my new running shoes (which I got at Plateau Runner– a new local store, check it out)! The black  panels on the sides of this fleece are flattering, giving the appearance of a more defined waist.

Happy New Year!

Enjoy your day!

Nov 2nd, What I Wore Wednesday

I’m linking up with both What I Wore Wednesday and Work it Wednesday– so if you have time, be sure to check out these other great sites.

Today I am showing my denim skirt worn 3 ways. Speaking of 3- I’ve mentioned this before but I like following the rule of 3. By this I mean I try to always have 3 items in the upper half of my outfit.

In my first look I’ve paired it with a black t shirt, silver necklace and my furry vest, affectionately named ‘the dog’ as seen here. I like this look because it’s edgy, yet doesn’t seem to far out of my comfort zone.

On the right is my next look- where I’ve paired the skirt with this brown sweater. To follow the rule of 3 I have a tank under the sweater and a necklace. This sweater has a lot of interest because of the pattern down the middle and the sleeves. Paired with brown boots- it’s a classic and safe outfit.

Lastly I’m showing a weekend look. I’ve paired it with a long sleeve pink t shirt over a white tank and then layered my white vest over for warmth. I’m wearing casual tennis like shoes- perfect for running errands or standing on the sidelines.

This skirt is a good alternative to jeans.

Love my dog!!

This sweater would look cute belted too.

Skirt: H&M, Black Shirt: Anthropologie, Fur Vest: Marshalls, Black Boots: Nordstrom, Brown Sweater: French Connection, Brown Boots: DSW, Necklace: Jewel Kade, Pink Shirt: Michael Stars, Vest: Nordstrom, Shoes: Macy’s

Nov 1st, True Confessions

This is a hard post because my goal in this style project is to wear outfits that are cute and inspired and I know no one will want to copy this outfit, but the truth is- I’m so exhausted by Halloween and all it’s festivities that I honestly don’t feel like get dressed today.

I considered putting on something cute, taking my picture and then changing into this. But, I’m committed to being real and honest in this blog.  So, there you have it- this is me- in my casual, post halloween hangover outfit.

The whole look is based on the fact that my feet hurt and I want to wear my tennis shoes and I refuse to wear them with anything but work out clothes.

My pants are from Lulu, which I LOVE because of the way they fit, and my jacket is Adidas. I like the way it has a little built in gather to emphasize my waist. Because I like showing comparisons, the look on the right is basically the same outfit- workout pants and jacket (or in this case fleece), but these loose and baggy pants are awful and the black fleece also does nothing for my figure.

So, if you’re feeling exhausted from too much Halloween and you just want to be ultra comfy and casual today- think about how even in casual work out clothes you can be sort of cute… right?

Wear a thong or go without undies when wearing tight pants like these. No one wants to see granny panty outline!

Sept 13th, Down on the Farm

Striped shirt and jeans- an easy and cute outfit.

I'm calling foul for this look!

Today is my farm day- each Tuesday I head over to a local farm to pick up my
produce for the week. It’s a great way to support local farmers, and eat fresh fruits and veggies. During the summer I’d take my kids and they would enjoy picking the berries.

Since I’ll be out there doing the picking myself today- I need an outfit that will work. I chose comfy jeans and a striped top. I’m showing 2 versions of a striped top- one that works (in my opinion) and one that doesn’t. On the right my black and white striped shirt looks a little too much like a referee. I also don’t care for the large black cuffs and the fit is tight- and horizontal stripes already make people look wide- in a tight fit this can be made worse.

On the left I am wearing a cuter striped shirt. This one has a better fit, a cute boatneck and the stripes are further apart. I’ve rolled my jeans again- I seem to really like that look, and for shoes I went with ultra comfortable- ballet flats.

I decided to not wear any jewelry- do you think I should add a necklace? What’s missing?

I looked for several months to find a cute striped t shirt- now they are everywhere! This one is from J Crew.

Jeans: Nordstrom Rack (It Brand- style Pepper), Shoes: Tod’s, Shirt: J Crew

Sept 11th, My Sunday Best

Casual skirt with t shirt- perfect for attending a sporting event.

I almost melted yesterday! Seriously- it was so much hotter than I anticipated- and we lost our soccer game. Bummer.  Since today I am lacrosse mom- and will be sitting outside for several hours- I have chosen a much cooler outfit. I am wearing one of my favorite skirts- you might even recognize it. It’s from North Face and it is made of bamboo- which means it is so incredibly soft and comfortable. It also has a cool hemline- which adds interest. On top I am wearing something totally different than my usual style- it’s a t shirt that I actually bought for my son- but it was too big! I think it’s perfect for today- it’s casual, but cool- and adds an unexpected twist to my entire look. I love the guitar on the front- sort of ‘rock and roll cool’. To bring back the ‘sweetness’ I layered a hot pink, ladylike cardigan. I will peal this off as soon as it gets warm.

What do you think, would you wear this? Do I look ridiculous?

I love the rock and roll t shirt. So out of my element!

The cardigan can come off when it gets hot.

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