August 17, 1 Dress, 2 Ways

Today I’m showing a cute dress that I bought years ago in Chelan (cute little lake town in Eastern Washington). I have worn this dress to a summer wedding, a cocktail party, an auction and also for date night. I think the pattern is really fun- and very different than what I usually wear. It’s made of polyester (but looks like silk), so it is super comfy and lightweight. It’s a very versatile dress- in that it can easily be changed from dressy to casual by simply throwing on a jacket and changing shoes- as seen below.

June 8th, White Party

I’m playing in a tennis match today (wish me luck), so instead of showing what I’ll be wearing, I’m showing what I wore to an all white party I went to a while ago.

Ala P Diddy (or Kyle from Real Housewives), I went to a lovely party where all the guests wore white. All the decor was white, flowers were white, they even had white leather couches… it was so cool!

I didn’t have a dress, so I ran to my favorite store for dresses (Marshalls) and picked this cute little number up.

I love the jeweled neckline, love the A line cut, and love that it has such pretty details. I simply paired it with black strappy sandals- and I was ready.

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May 7th, Cocktail Dress

Every gal needs a ‘go to’ staple dress in her closet. One that at a moments notice she can throw on and feel like a million bucks!

This dress does that for me. It has such a fun feel to it. I’ve worn it several times- and always have a really great night!

Do you have a cocktail dress in your closet that you LOVE? Send me a picture!!

And, no, I am not actually wearing this today. I’m playing tennis all day, and didn’t think you’d want to see me in my tennis gear!

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If it’s chilly, throw on a blazer! These probably aren’t the cutest shoes- but I wanted to by comfy!

I have to share a photo a reader sent me- this is Susan wearing a great dress! She looks fabulous and is totally ‘owning’ her look! I love this pretty purple color, love the cardigan over it and love her great shoes! Way to go Susan, and thanks so much for sharing! 


Happy Thanksgiving! I feel like I have so much to be thankful for, and rather than list them here- just know that I am extremely grateful for all my blessing and full of love for my family.

Today I’m showing an outfit that I took photos of a few weeks ago.

I’m showing how to take a cocktail dress and turn it in the a more casual and everyday outfit.

I bought this dress at Marshalls for an all white party I was going to last summer.

I haven’t worn it since but decided to try to tone it down a bit by pairing it with a denim jacket, scarf and boots. Now it’s a cute outfit for work or lunch with friends.

Looking at the photos- it would be better with boots that come up a little higher. Oh well…

Hope you have a wonderful day, enjoy your family and take a moment to be aware of all your blessings.

Sept 8th, Working Girl

Cocktail dress dressed down with the blazer and pumps.

Well, kids are off to school- Mother in Law has headed back to Florida- you know what this means-I’m back at work! Today’s outfit is my ‘working girl’ look. I took a cute cocktail dress and paired it with a serious black blazer and black pumps. I like this outfit- because I think this dress is so cute- I love the cool colors, the interesting pattern and my favorite- the unusual neckline. This dress is by the same designer as the asymmetrical top from yesterday- a brand called Ya Los Angeles. I bought it while on vacation at a cute little boutique. But- because I so rarely go to cocktail parties- I wanted to give this dress a chance to shine during the day. By pairing it with the blazer and pumps, it doesn’t look like I’m heading for a night on the town.   What do you wear to work?

No necklace necessary, the unusual neckline stands well enough alone.

For a night out, or if your going for drinks after work, remove the jacket and change shoes!

Blazer: Nordstrom, Shoes: Nordstrom: Dress: Black Dog Boutique

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