Jan 22, Cozy

I don’t know where you live, but here in the Pacific Northwest it’s cold outside… nothing like what you Midwesterners or Eastcoasters are dealing with, but still- to me, it’s cold and I like nothing more than being comfy and warm!

Take my outfit above- it’s simple, just a pair of grey jeans and a very soft and cozy sweater. In the before look I have left the sweater untucked and am wearing my Uggs (which are about the coziest shoe you can own), but honestly- they aren’t the cutest!  In my ‘after’ photo I have simply done the little half tuck thing with the sweater and changed my shoes to Converse tennis shoes. They are super comfy- and less bulky looking. All in all- a very easy and basic outfit- but warm!


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Jeans- Levis (I bought them at TJ Max last year)

Sweater- OC Style

Shoes- Converse All Star

Happy Tuesday~


Oct 11th, Cozy Sweater

It finally feels like fall here in Seattle, so I decided it was time for my ultra cozy sweater. I bought this several years ago at Anthropologie, and absolutely love it because of all the detail in it- there is so much to look at!

I layered the cardigan over a plain black t shirt- then added a scarf to give the look an even more cozy feel to it. It’s such an improvement over the look on the right. Please note that I actually really love the sweater on the right- but paired with this high neck black shirt and Uggs- it’s too plain.

As for my bottoms- I need your opinion.

My first look is jeans rolled to look like boyfriend jeans (note- this is the exact same pair of jeans in both pictures). For my feet, I chose my short black cowboy boots. Looking at the photos, I honestly can’t decide if I like this look or not!

Next I decided to try the sweater paired with my purple jeans- see below!

What do you think? Purple jeans or blue jeans?

To make my jeans look like boyfriend jeans, I simply rolled the bottoms. So simple!

You may notice this sweater is starting to pill a bit… I have a trick for you! Using a razor, shave your sweater and the pills will disappear. It takes a little time, but so worth it to save a favorite piece! Just be very careful- if the sweater is thin, you could easily make a hole.

You might also notice that you can see my short sleeves from the t shirt bunching up under the sweater- I will swap out this shirt for a long sleeve shirt so that the sleeves don’t bunch.

Please take a minute to comment- blue jeans or purple jeans?!

Sweater: Anthropologie (similar), Scarf: Target (similar), Jeans: Target, Booties: DSW, Black Boots: Frye

Oct 28th, Cozy Sweater

One of the things I love about fall is being able to wear a cozy sweater (and no coat) when running around town. Today’s look is a good example of that.

The outfit on the right is cute, but seems a little plain. The sweater has no shape or interesting features to it. A cute necklace or scarf might help- but to really change things up I decided to try a different sweater.

This sweater works better because of all the ruffles- it adds interest to the look.
I’m wearing skinny jeans (yes, I am wearing them 2 days in a row- don’t tell!), I’ve  paired them with a tank (which is always great under a sweater so that you don’t have to deal with sleeves getting bunched up!) and a cute and colorful scarf.

For comfort I have on my Tory Burch snakeskin flats. These were such a great purchase, they were expensive- but since the snakeskin is basically a neutral- I can wear them with just about anything. Definitely worth the money!

Enjoy your day!

I like the way this scarf adds color to an otherwise very neutral outfit. Plus, it's warm!

Scarf: Gift, Sweater: Anthropologie, Jeans: Anthropologie, Shoes: Nordstrom

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