Jan 24th, Comfy Cargos

I simply LOVE these pants- they are so soft and comfy… I know, I say that about everything- but comfort is so important to me!

I can always tell when I’m wearing a perfect outfit when I get home from a long day and I don’t immediately change into sweats (because what I’m wearing feels like sweats).

This outfit is a good example of that.

I bought these cargos last year- and although they are sublimely comfy- to be honest, I struggle with what to pair them with.

I’ve tried wearing them with white, black, denim and even stripes- but today may be my favorite of all- this gorgeous cranberry color painters smock. Not only do I love the color, but I love the contrast of the feminine silky shirt paired with the rugged cargos.

This style top is very popular this season (especially the ones with the pockets on the breast as seen here), and being silk (or faux silk as in my case), it is warm, soft and comfy. I especially love the baggy, flowy style. Now my problem is tuck it in, wear it out, or do the half tuck? I think untucked would be perfect if only my pants were a bit tighter (I guess then they might not be so comfy, huh?).

Not sure that the half tuck is really working for me- it seems so messy!

By the way, I promise you I never wore this outfit that you see above on the right- this photo was for comparison only! By rolling the cuffs, changing the shoes and shirt the outfit looks totally different.

Pants: Louis Permilia, Top: H&M, Shoes: DSW, Necklace: Kohl’s

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