Nov 3rd, Blue Bayou

 Ok seriously- now I am really aging myself. Does anyone even remember the song by Linda Ronstadt, Blue Bayou? Probably not…

Good- it has nothing to do with this post except that I am wearing blue from head to toe.

I read somewhere that dressing in all one color is a great slimming technique- but since I felt a little plain I decided to add this cute blazer, which I also wore here.

On the right you see my original look- shirt is untucked, wrinkled and looks messy! The Uggs don’t help either!

On the left I have tucked in the shirt, added a belt and necklace and switched the Uggs for some cute boots. Then, to really polish the whole look off, I threw on this cute jacket. It is cotton and so very comfy! Almost like a fancy sweatshirt! Oh yeah…

If you don’t want to wear the blazer, I think the all blue is ok with the belt and boots… see below (I actually got inspired for this outfit by a Kindle ad I saw on TV! Have you seen it?)

I think the all blue works because of the brown accents.
I love the jacket because it makes my outfit work appropriate!

Jeans: Nordstrom Rack, Boots: Target, Shirt: Marshalls, Jacket: Kohls, Belt: American Eagle

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