Oct 18, 6 Ways to Wear a Graphic T Shirt

For my final day in my ‘theme week’ I have chosen to show a graphic t shirt worn 6 different ways! This was actually a lot of fun for me- because up until a year ago I would have NEVER worn a graphic t shirt anywhere but to bed! But I’ve been inspired by all the fashion posts on Instagram. I see women of all ages rocking a graphic t and looking super stylish! So here goes my take on how to wear a graphic t shirt!

  1. Distressed jeans/ Free People Blazer/ Black Booties
  2. Black distressed jeans/ Faux fur vest/ Paul Green flats
  3. White distressed jeans/ grey and white shrug sweater, grey booties
  4. Black pencil skirt/ denim jacket, leopard flats
  5. Dark skinny jeans, off white blazer, pointy toe heels
  6. Wide leg jeans, casual grey cardigan, loafers

Now I need to decide which I like best! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

By the way, this cute T shirt is from Target!!

Jan 11th, Work it Wednesday

It’s another edition of Work it Wednesday– where I link up with Jill’s Good Life- and show 1 item worn 3 ways. I’ve also linked with What I Wore Wednesday– so you can get lots of great ideas!

I really love this challenge because I love seeing how versatile a piece can be.

I read in Jessica Quirk’s book “What I Wore‘ that when shopping, she always makes sure that she can wear an item several ways before buying it.

I’ve also heard from readers who say when they shop they buy an entire outfit- but then later- they don’t know how to use the separate pieces from the ‘ready made’ outfit with other items in their closet.

One thing I learned (and shared) from my 30 for 30- was that you really don’t need a ton of clothes- you just need some great versatile pieces that can be worn several ways.

So, on that note- today’s staple piece is my light blue denim shirt. I’m showing it plain (and tucked in ) on the right- just paired with darker denim jeans and leopard flats. This is a look I would have NEVER tried a few months ago, but it actually quite stylish (or so I’m told!)

But, you know me- I like to layer. I like to be warm, I like the rule of 3… so here goes:

My first version is untucking the shirt and adding my faux fur vest, the one I call ‘the dog’. Notice my dog checking out my other dog! I think she’s jealous!

Love this vest! It adds a rugged, yet glamorous spin to the look.

My next look is my vintage sweater, this is a great cozy, weekend look!

This sweater is 50 years old!

My last look is with a scarf and boots.

Love the way an infinity scarf is easy to wear!

Oct 3rd, Walking the Dog

The vest adds a bit of edginess to this look.

This outfit is too plain, no personality is showing.

I have affectionately named this vest ‘the dog’ because of it’s shaggy hair- and for those of you who know me- this is the closest I’ll come to owning a dog!

Since I don’t have any client meetings today, I thought this might be a fun and edgy outfit. I’m showing on the right my original look- just the plain black v neck t shirt and jeans and boots. Nothing special. To bring some fun and personality into it- I threw on my furry vest and added a long necklace.  It’s what I call ‘rock star glam’. In my mind, if I were a rock star wife I’d wear stuff like this (although they would probably be wearing heels, and definitely wouldn’t be shopping at  Marshalls!).

I spoke of this last week, but in case you are new here- I like to dress in 3’s. So here I have shirt (1), vest (2) and necklace (3). I like the way the necklace pulls some color from the vest, and the length draws the eye down.

To me, it’s fun, different and very comfy! Perfect!

I found this vest at Marshalls. Gotta love that!


Jeans: Nordstrom Rack, Boots: Frye, Shirt: Nordstrom, Vest: Marshalls, Necklace: Forever 21

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