April 23, Grey and White

Even though it’s technically spring, it is still pretty chilly here in the PNW, so I need an outfit that looks springy, but is still warm and cozy! So today, I’m wearing white ripped jeans and a grey ribbed V neck sweater.

In the before photo, I have paired the sweater with dark jeans and Uggs. This could be a cute outfit in the winter, but today I’m thinking the white jeans are a fresher/ springier look. I’ve also done my half tuck to give my waist some definition, as well as swapped out the Uggs for cute grey booties. Pushing up the sleeves and adding some jewelry are small details that make a difference.

White Jeans- Mine are from H&M that I distressed myself here!

Sweater- Gap (old), but here is a similar one. And another!

Shoes- Paul Green, Nordstrom, mine are old- so here is something similar!

Jan 16th, Puffy Vest

DSCN6431DSCN1956I’m working from home again today (actually working from my bed- I’m still having my back issues) so I’m dressed in ultra casual, ultra comfy clothes.

I’ve opted for my black leggings, a grey sweater and this cute patterned puffy vest (although truth be told, while I’m in my bed I don’t have the vest or boots on! :))

It’s a much cuter outfit than the plain one* on the right, don’t you think?

Leggings: Nordstrom, Sweater: Nordstrom, Boots: Frye, Vest: Old Navy
Leggings: Nordstrom, Sweater: Nordstrom, Boots: Frye, Vest: Old Navy

* this is an old picture taken last summer- hence the gorgeous flowers behind me. If I took it today, you would see frost! 🙂

April 3rd, Spring Chill

Yeesterday was an exciting day for my little blog- I was mentioned on The Nest, and as a result had a lot of new viewers.

If any of you have decided to come back today, let me say ‘welcome’, and also allow me to answer a few comments/ questions that  were posed on The Nest.

1. I don’t show my face because I often do my photos very early in the morning before I’ve showered, put in my contacts, brushed my hair, put on any makeup and believe me- I look scary!

I also like the idea of this blog being all about my outfit- and not what I look like.

2. I will be the first to admit that I am not a style maven! I am just a mom who wants to improve my look a bit using real clothes from my closet.

I know it’s not the most fashionable blog, and I also know that my style can sometimes be seen as ‘boring’- but it works for me!

Keep in mind, I’m a 41 year old mother of 2 kids who lives in the suburbs. Hence, my style reflect that lifestyle (flats are key for me!)

3. My before pictures are taken usually the same day as the after pictures.

I have kept some old clothes in my closet just for this purpose, but also sometimes I’ll try a look- and realize it is bad and that becomes the ‘before’ picture.

I think it’s important to show that by very small changes, an outfit can take on a whole new look.

Now, on to today’s look.

On the right I am wearing a sweater,  jeans and tennis shoes.

The outfit doesn’t work because the jeans are unflattering- they are too long (notice how they gather around my ankles) , and the buttoned up, drab colored cardigan looks frumpy. As for the tennis shoes – I can’t say more than that they are hideous. Please, please- don’t wear tennis shoes with jeans!

On the left I have replaced the jeans with these cute cropped ones. I have then added an asymmetrical sweater in this pretty grey/ purple color. I added a necklace and bracelet to bring some color into the outfit.

This outfit works because although it’s technically spring- it’s still chilly out- and this long sleeve sweater keeps me warm while the cropped jeans and ballet flats reflect the season.

Jeans: Old Navy, Sweater: Louis Permilia, Bracelet: J Crew, Necklace: Palm Desert Flea Market, Shoes: Tod’s

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Dec 26th, 30 for 30- Day 26

I’ll be honest, I am looking forward to the end of this Challenge. I’m getting a little tired of these same clothes- and I bet you are too!

Today I’m wearing my skinny jeans (they look black in the photo, but they are actually blue denim). I’ve paired my jeans with this bluish/ grey sweater with the asymetrical hemline. To add a little color and style- I’m wearing this gorgeous silk scarf.

I’m wearing it ‘rock star’ style, (a name I just made up) but it kind of reminds me of Steven Tyler a bit. Not that I want to look like Steven Tyler… at least I don’t think I do?!

As for my shoes, I’m wearing these steel grey wedged heels. It’s a different look for me- normally I wear either ballet flats or boots with skinny jeans- but I decided to try something new. What do you think? Hit or miss?

I love the orange in this scarf! Such an upbeat color!

Jeans: Anthropologie, Sweater: Louis Permilia, Scarf: Louis Permilia, Shoes: Nordstrom

Dec 2nd, 30 for 30- Day 2

I’m off to a running start- although not sure how well yesterday went! I shouldn’t have worn jeans. We had an office open house, and I was too casual. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I swear, I feel like I always miss the mark.

Oh well, I’m trying!

Today I am wearing my black skinny pants and this incredibly soft grey sweater. I love the hemline- how it covers my bum, and has some movement to it.

To add some interest to the look I threw on this scarf. One thing about scarves- go for the largest, thickest material you can find. A skinny, anemic scarf looks awful. Wrap it around your neck a couple of times, then tie it in front. Volume is key!

Speaking of missing the mark, I’m showing a picture of some boots below- I bought these many years ago and wore them recently. I felt so dorky- the square toe seems dated. I usually wear flat boots, but I probably ought to invest in some with heels as well. They will last me for years. Any recommendations? Comfort is essential!

Is this square toe still stylish? I think not, but need advice!

Outdoors you can really see the gorgeous color of this sweater!

I should take all my pictures outside, the lighting is just so much better- sadly it is so dark here so early (and so cold) that sometimes I just have to make due with the indoor shot! Sorry!

Pants: Gap, Sweater: Louis Permilia, Scarf: Lucky, Boots: Frye

Nov 15th, Floral Scarf

Do this ever happen to you? You see something really inexpensive at Target, debate whether or not you should buy it- then finally decide to go for it? I’m talking about a $15 scarf that I seriously considered not buying! What is wrong with me? It was $15 bucks!

I think this has been one of my best purchases this entire fall!  The colors are absolutely beautiful- and perfect for my wardrobe. It is so versatile! I like it paired with my purple sweater- as seen here. Or with a purple top as seen here.

Today I’m wearing it with my grey grandpa sweater from J Crew (which I also almost passed up- good thing I didn’t!).

On my lower half I’ve got my skinny black pants, black boots (again) and a black tank. All black- because this outfit is only about the scarf. Which I love. I’ll never pass up a $15 scarf again. I promise!

I love the way this scarf completes the entire outfit.

Sorry about the lighting- I took these pictures early this morning- the sun wasn’t totally up yet!

Sweater: J Crew, Leggings: Marshalls, Scarf: Target, Boots: Nordstrom, Tank: Nordstrom

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