Nov 23rd, Guest Post #2

For today’s  guest post I’m showing 2 cute outfits sent by a reader. They aren’t before and after shots- but just 2 outfits, one cute- one not so cute. The first outfit is this cute striped shirt and skinny jeans. To compliment the look she has added this cool scarf (love the holes), a leopard belt and boots! Great mix of patterns! The only thing I would change is I would have looped the scarf one more time around my neck- just so the tail doesn’t hang down so low.

Love the scarf, the belt and the boots! Very cute look!

The outfit below didn’t work out for her- in fact, because if the ruffled shirt her husband jokingly said she looked like George Washington! I don’t think he meant it as a compliment. I will say though- I’ve been seeing these shirts all over the place- but that still doesn’t make them cute. This is a good example of how just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s right.

I do like her colored cords- not sure if they are brown or purple- but they look great! Thanks so much for sending these pics! Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

This ruffle shirt just isn't doing it for me.

Nov 22nd, Guest Post #1

Aloha! Today I am showing a cute before and after from one of my faithful readers, Erin.

As you can see from the first outfit, she looks a little boring. The black long sleeve shirt and jeans are fine- but there is nothing exciting about this look.

Next you can see how she has changed things up. She added this adorable blazer and this amazing necklace. She also switched out her plain black ballet shoes for these polka dot ones. Now that’s a look that will get a second glance. Well done! Thanks for sending in your pics!

This outfit is just too plain, there is no wow factor!
There is so much more attention to detail here! Very cute!