September 6th, Khaki and White

I apologize for my before picture- but I had to do it. 

In the past few days I have seen several moms sporting the ‘socks with sandals’ look- and it has got to stop!

Yes, I know I live in the Pacific Northwest- where some people consider this to be ok… but honestly, it’s not.

Trust me.

As for my outfit- I love the simple, classic look of khaki and white together- as seen here and here.

These 2 colors are always in style.  However- as usual, I must tell you that you can’t just throw on a white golf shirt and a pair of cropped khakis and call it good.

In my opinion a collared shirt should only be worn on the golf course.

As for the knee length cropped khakis- surely the picture says it all. These are not flattering- they are frumpy!

On the left you can see my re-worked outfit. This cute cargo style skirt is a great alternative to the cropped khaki pant. The pockets give it some detail, and the leopard belt peeking out adds an interesting pattern.  On that same note, instead of a plain white shirt, I have chosen this cool waffle texture shirt. It has these cute buttons down the front- which also add some visual interest.

Lastly- I’m wearing my orthopedic sandals by Naot. I LOVE these shoes!! They are truly one of the most comfortable shoes I have EVER owned. I’ll be sad when summer is over and I can’t wear them anymore. I need to see if Naot makes boots?!  Anyone?!

I went for the half tuck… wanted to show off my belt.

May 11th, Casual in Khakis

For those of you who are following my foot pain saga, I think I may have some good news!

Taking readers advice, I decided to do a little shopping and check out Danskos. Originally, I thought there was no way that I would find any that I liked. In my mind, Dansko is a big, black, clunky, masculine shoe!

Much to my surprise, I found these – dare I say it- cute sandals! They definitely aren’t something that I would ordinarily be drawn to- but once I put them on I was hooked!

They are so sublimely comfortable- and my feet are so happy! However, before I decide to keep them for sure, I need to know your thoughts.

Are they keepers?*

As for my outfit. I decided to play it safe and wear my new shoes with khaki cargos and a striped shirt- but these stripes (on the right) are so close together they make me dizzy and the cut of this shirt is too short and very boxy and not flattering. It just looks weird!

To improve the look, I rolled the cuffs of the pants to make them a little more ‘on trend’, and then switched out the striped shirt to a cute blue and white one. Notice the cute details on the sleeves. The necklace is the final touch.

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Side view to show the shoe from another angle. The heels are a little clunky, but luckily that is ‘in’.

*I won’t wear the shoes out of the house today, (so I can return them if necessary) so please feel free to be very honest!

Shirt: Anthropologie, Pants: Anthropologie, Shoes: REI, Necklace: Plateau Jewelers

Nov 28th, Simple Style

I’ve mentioned this before, but photographing and writing about my outfit each day has been an enormous learning process for me.

I’ve definitely discovered that I am a very simple dresser. I see so many fabulous and fashionable people- and while I admire their style, it’s just not me.

I know I’ll never be the most fashionable person in the room, and I know that lots of people might not even like my style- but in the end, that doesn’t even matter. What matters is; How do I feel?  Am I comfortable?

The key to being fashionable, is to own your look- and if that’s something as simple as khakis and a black turtleneck- than that’s ok!

For today I’m showing 2 versions of this very easy look.

On the right I have on traditional khakis, black flats and a plain turtleneck. It’s fine, but boring.

On the left I’ve switched out the plain pants for a cargos. I’ve also switched out the black flats for leopard and added a necklace. Now my outfit is a a reflection of me!

Pretty simple, but it's a classic look that is timeless.

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Pants: Louis Permilia, Turtleneck: White House, Black Market, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Forever 21

Nov 12th, Weekend Casual

 Many of you probably know that Jennifer Aniston is my style icon- and this outfit it totally something she would wear. She makes it look so effortless and easy, yet I bet there is more planning involved than she’d ever let on!

For instance, as you can see in the outfit on the right- just khakis and a white t shirt doesn’t always work. With the long sleeves, high neckline, and boring shoes- this outfit is just too plain.

To improve my look, I’ve changed into a more modern shirt (it’s subtle, but see how the lower neckline really makes a difference?) and added a belt and necklace. I’ve also rolled my pant hems up and changed into my cute booties.  All in all- it is an improved version of a simple- yet classic weekend look.

Yes, Seattle friends- I took this picture a few days ago, back when it was sunny!

Pants: Louis Permilia, Shirt: Anthropologie, Shoes: Marshalls, Belt: American Eagle, Necklace: Gift

Oct 22nd, Weekend Wear

 Finally the weekend! Today’s outfit is a typical weekend outfit- cargo khakis and a white shirt (again). This time I’ve paired it with a cute red vest to add warmth. For a mild fall day, a vest is a great substitute for a coat.

On the right I’m showing a before look- complete with tennis shoes. I know I’ve shown this before- but it needs repeating. Not only do tennis shoes make me look dated, but they are not flattering! Look how short and stubby my legs look! Weird!

On the left is my re-do. I’ve swapped the tennies for my cute wedge desert booties. I’ve added warmth and color by layering a denim shirt over the white shirt- and then also thrown a striped scarf on to top the whole look off.

Not only is the scarf a cute addition, but it will keep me warm during yet another soccer game! Thank goodness the season's almost over!

Pants: Louis Permilia, Vest: Target, White shirt: Anthropologie, Denim shirt: Martin and Osa, Scarf: Sears, Booties: Kohl’s

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