Sept 19, Leather Jacket

First off, let me apologize for not blogging the last 2 days. I posted my outfits on Instagram, so if you’re curious, head over there to see what I wore…

Now, on to today’s look. Funny story about this leather jacket. My husband bought it for me years ago at Nordstrom, and while I think it’s gorgeous, I was never really sure how to wear it. So, it sat in my closet for years gathering dust. I actually had it in a pile of clothes that I tried to take to my local consignment store to consign. Having never done that before, I wasn’t aware of the process. The lady at the store was sort of rude to me since I didn’t have an appointment. Without even looking at my clothes, she told me she wasn’t interested in what I had. I sheepishly left feeling rather insulted. When I got home I left the bag of clothes in my garage, not sure what to do with them. A few days later I saw on Fashion Jackson (one of my all time favorite Insta style gals) a fabulous photo of her wearing a leather jacket- so I decided to resurrect mine from the garage and give it a try… and here you go!

Tonight I’m going out wine tasting with some friends, so I decided this would be a perfect night to break it out. It’s a much more stylish look than the North Face jacket on the left. Other little changes that you may notice- I am wearing a much cuter white top in the outfit on the right. The top on the left has a weird neckline (that V is so high!) and it is too clingy. The top on the right is rayon, which drapes much better. I also swapped out the rounded toe leopard flats for the pointy toe version and added a long necklace. By making these little adjustments, I now have a cute and stylish outfit to wear out tonight! So thank you rude sales lady, you actually saved me from giving up a fabulous jacket!

The details on this jacket make it interesting!

Jeans- Gap

Top- Nordstrom Rack

Jacket- Nordstrom

Shoes- Nordstrom Rack

Sept 11, Hostess

I’m titling this post ‘Hostess’ because my before outfit reminds me of something I would have worn back in 1987 when I was a hostess at the Steak and Ale in Kansas City! Those were the days…not!

I love a good pencil skirt, and on certain occasions I will wear mine, but definitely not styled like this! With the starched shirt and black ballet flats, I look too formal. I’m not working in an office, or hostessing at the Steak and Ale, so I need to change this look asap!

Instead of the prim and proper pencil skirt, I have chosen this bamboo skirt from North Face. If you look closely, you can see the hemline is uneven, which gives it some interest. Since it’s bamboo, it is super soft and hangs well, giving a more casual vibe. Instead of the oversize formal button down shirt, I have chosen this cute linen top from Uniqlo. I really like this top- there is something about the shape of it that I love, and it pairs well with everything. To add some spice to the outfit I have chosen my leopard slides and a huge bag for running errands.

June 19, Striped Top

I don’t have much time to write today (my family is still in town and we are heading out the door), but I wanted to post a quick This or That with this cute striped top.

Originally I was planning on wearing this J Crew striped top with dark skinny jeans and leopard shoes- which I think looks cute- but then I decided I would try wide leg cropped jeans and see how that worked. I love leopard with stripes, so I added a leopard belt instead of shoes- and then finished the outfit with white slip on sandals. These jeans are so comfy (and I have been eating and drinking too much this past week with all my visitors) that I think I’ll opt for the wide leg look today.

April 16th, Attention Seeking Pants!

Today I opted for my pink cropped pants.

Since these pants are so bright and so attention seeking, I think pairing them with something subdued is a good idea.

However, as you can see on the right- a plain white t shirt is a little too subdued.

On the left I’ve opted for this cute crisp white cable knit sweater- and to add a little interest I have a chambray shirt peeking out underneath. I’ve also added a necklace and then my leopard flats.

Gotta run and get the kids up. My son leaves for camp today (outdoor ed through the school), so it’s a big day- and its raining… of course! Glad I got him some rain pants on sale at REI yesterday! Hope he wears them! 🙂

A real fashionista would probably pair these pants with something bright and colorful! I'm not that brave- plain white works just fine for me.

Pants: Nordstrom, Sweater: Macy’s, Shoes: Target, Chambray shirt: Target, Necklace: Kohl’s

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Jan 30th, Neutrals

A few things to share:

1. If so inclined, please take a minute to vote for my blog for Top Mommy Blogs. All you have to do is click on the link on the right- that’s it! No signing up for anything, no entering your email address… nothing, just a simple click and you’re done. Each blog is rated daily, so if you’re willing to vote every day, that would be amazing!

And thank you! I appreciate it! 🙂

2. I have decided yesterday’s outfit was a miss (my hubby was right). As some of you pointed out- there was something off with the capped sleeves. Thanks so much for your input!

Now, for my outfit today. As many of you know- I am a big fan of neutrals. I really like the look of similar colors paired together.

At first, I tried this sweater plain- paired with these cute toothpick white jeans. I decided that although I love the simple and unfussy look- it was a little too plain.

To change it up a bit, I’ve simply added my chambray shirt under the sweater- that’s it. Just a tiny little change- and I think it makes all the difference in the world. My leopard flats and necklace complete the look. This outfit is totally me- not me trying to be someone else- it’s me. Plain and simple.

The small detail of the shirt peeking out from under the sweater is all I needed to complete this look.

Pants: J Crew, Sweater: Land’s End, Shirt: Target, Shoes: Target, Bracelet: J Crew, Necklace: Forever 21

Nov 11th, Love/ Hate

Well, this is a toss up. My husband HATED this outfit, but I actually like it.

I was going to wear it the other day, but my husband vetoed it. He doesn’t do it often, so I listened.

But then I saw Everybody Everywhere this month is featuring colored tights and I decided- what the heck. I’ll see what you all think.

As you might know, I am a big fan of this skirt, but usually I wear it with neutrals- so this purple sweater is a bit of a stretch for me.

Adding to the stretch are the colored tights- this is not normally a look I wear, but it does help transition the skirt into the fall, and they match the sweater so well!

To keep the colors consistent, I am wearing my leopard heels (again) and a gold necklace. I realize now I should add a belt, but am not sure which one?! Would my leopard belt be too much?!

I need your help- please comment with your thoughts- if you guys hate this look, be honest. You won’t hurt my feelings.

If you love it- let me know so I can tell my husband he was wrong!

Either way, thanks for commenting- and just to be totally honest, since today my kids don’t have school, I’ll probably spend the entire day at home in my jammies- (sounds heavenly).

Are the tights too much? My hubby thinks so...

Skirt: Anthropolgie, Tights: DSW, Shoes: DSW, Sweater: Nordstrom, Necklace: Kohls

Oct 25th, Jennifer Aniston Inspired

I’m showing what I call a ‘Jennifer Aniston inspired’ look today. As some of you might know, I’ve always been a huge fan of her style!

Don’t laugh, but often when I’m shopping I think, ‘would Jennifer Aniston wear this?’. If not, I will put it back. I know, make fun all you want!

Seriously though- it’s a good idea to have a vision of what your style is- especially when you go shopping. It’s so easy to get distracted by everything in the store- and make a mistake and buy something you would never really wear (black booties anyone?).

In this outfit Jennifer has the perfect mix of casual- cuffed faded jeans, and classy- the blazer with the gold buttons.

In my interpretation, I’ve opted for flats instead of tennis shoes, and my blazer is black and doesn’t have buttons. I’m also missing the belt and I’ve added a necklace… but those are minor details. The goal isn’t for me to dress up like Jennifer, it’s for me to see something that works and make it my own.

Here is what this outfit would have looked like before:

Oh my gosh, it's even worse on film! These shoes are awful! Why didn't someone tell me?

Again, here is the after:

On second thought, a blue blazer might have been cuter. Maybe next time! And, no my zipper is not down, I swear! 🙂

I’m linking up with this cute blog challenge, called ABC’s of blogging. Today’s is C- for celebrity inspired. Click here to see more cute ideas!

Blazer: Nordstrom, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Target, Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft

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