Feb 16th- Two Wrongs Make a Right?

I feel like I have had 2 days in a row of misses- yesterday’s shirt looked like a maternity top & my pants were too baggy and the day before I looked like an 80’s revival. Yikes!

My excuse is I’m on vacation and my brain is not functioning correctly. Maybe it’s the sunshine! LOL!

I appreciate all the comments/ feedback from yesterday. Thanks for the suggestions on where to find skinny cargos, as soon as I find a pair I love I will definitely share.

Today I’ve opted for my skinny jeans and another patterned top.

I’ve added this cute open/ drapey cardigan. On the right I show how this paired with a white shirt and jeans works- but it’s a little dull.

By adding the patterned shell I give the entire look much more interest, don’t you think? Now all I need is a necklace…

I like how this top drapes at the neckline.

Jeans: Madewell, Top: Macys, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Shoes: Nordstrom

Jan 21st, Rub A Dub Dub

 Silly title, I know, but I’m at a loss for something better and this sweater sort of reminds me of my bathrobe.

It’s big and comfy but there’s something about this belt that isn’t quite working.

So what to do? Donate the sweater to the Goodwill.

Heck no! I’ll just untie the belt- and re-tie it in the back- opening up the sweater to make it look less like a robe and more like a fashionable over-size sweater.

To keep from looking enormous, be sure to pair it with skinny jeans or pants. (These look black in the picture, but they are actually very dark blue). Add a gorgeous scarf from J Crew,  I am all set for a cozy weekend by the fire!

I should take my own advice and cut the tags off my scarf- it would look a lot cuter!

Jeans: Madewell, Sweater: Anthropologie, Scarf: J Crew, White T Shirt: Nordstrom, Boots: DSW


Jan 6th, The Camera Doesn’t Lie

Well, I almost made it a whole week without wearing my skinny jeans- but when it comes down to it- they are one of my favorites- so why fight it?!

The funny thing about this outfit is that I was actually planning on wearing this skirt on the right. But upon trying it on (especially paired with this belted cardigan), I realized that this look is NOT FLATTERING, and in fact very matronly and dated.

Oh that can’t be! I love this skirt and still remember when I bought it at Nordstoms.

When in doubt, take a picture of yourself in a questionable item- the camera doesn’t lie!

So, that being said, I decided to go back to my ever favorite, ever comfy skinnies.

This outfit works better because of the balance of  the loose, flowy cardigan on top and skinny jeans on bottom. With the skirt- there is too much volume on both my top and on bottom- hence the matronly, frumpy look.

Per a suggestion from yesterday’s shoe dilemma, I’m wearing my new favorite shoes- the desert bootie. I think these might just be the shoe for me. I like the wedge heel (so much more comfy than a regular high heel), the color is neutral so it goes with anything) and it’s a great alternative to knee high boots.

What is your ‘go to’ shoe of the season?

The long white tank works well with this cardigan.

I’ve linked up to Fashion Friday, check it out for great ideas!

Jeans: Madewell, Sweater: Nordstrom, Tank: Express, Shoes: Khol’s