Oct 18, 6 Ways to Wear a Graphic T Shirt

For my final day in my ‘theme week’ I have chosen to show a graphic t shirt worn 6 different ways! This was actually a lot of fun for me- because up until a year ago I would have NEVER worn a graphic t shirt anywhere but to bed! But I’ve been inspired by all the fashion posts on Instagram. I see women of all ages rocking a graphic t and looking super stylish! So here goes my take on how to wear a graphic t shirt!

  1. Distressed jeans/ Free People Blazer/ Black Booties
  2. Black distressed jeans/ Faux fur vest/ Paul Green flats
  3. White distressed jeans/ grey and white shrug sweater, grey booties
  4. Black pencil skirt/ denim jacket, leopard flats
  5. Dark skinny jeans, off white blazer, pointy toe heels
  6. Wide leg jeans, casual grey cardigan, loafers

Now I need to decide which I like best! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

By the way, this cute T shirt is from Target!!

Sept 11, Hostess

I’m titling this post ‘Hostess’ because my before outfit reminds me of something I would have worn back in 1987 when I was a hostess at the Steak and Ale in Kansas City! Those were the days…not!

I love a good pencil skirt, and on certain occasions I will wear mine, but definitely not styled like this! With the starched shirt and black ballet flats, I look too formal. I’m not working in an office, or hostessing at the Steak and Ale, so I need to change this look asap!

Instead of the prim and proper pencil skirt, I have chosen this bamboo skirt from North Face. If you look closely, you can see the hemline is uneven, which gives it some interest. Since it’s bamboo, it is super soft and hangs well, giving a more casual vibe. Instead of the oversize formal button down shirt, I have chosen this cute linen top from Uniqlo. I really like this top- there is something about the shape of it that I love, and it pairs well with everything. To add some spice to the outfit I have chosen my leopard slides and a huge bag for running errands.

May 8th, Mean Girls

I’m not teaching today, so I am going to work around my house cleaning, organizing and taking care of everything I ignored last week when I was out of town.

Today’s look is my Mean Girls graphic t shirt paired with cut off denim shorts and my Converse All Stars. It’s a cute, casual look that’s perfect for the 80 degree weather we are supposed to have later today. On the right is my attempt to try something new. Normally I would never pair a graphic t shirt with a pencil skirt, but I thought it would be fun to try- and honestly, I love the way it looks! It’s perfect if you don’t want to wear shorts, and the casual tennis shoes really dress it down. You could also try sandals, see below.

Skirt- Nordstrom, Halogen, similar one here

T shirt- Target, similar one here

Shorts- Old Navy

Shoes- Converse

Now, for my rant about Mean Girls (I apologize in advance, but feel like I need to step on my soapbox for a minute).

While I loved the movie, and thought it was hilarious, there is nothing funny about Mean Girls in real life. I know that there is a lot of mean behavior that goes on in our kid’s lives- and as mothers, we need to do everything we can to

1. teach our kids kindness

2. teach our kids how to be resilient

I think as moms it is so important that we are honest with ourselves and aware of the examples we are setting for our kids. Even if we don’t realize it, our children are watching and mimicking everything we do. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to check in and make sure your behavior is setting a good example.

  1. Do you talk behind people’s backs in front of your kids? Do you gossip?
  2. Have you ever cut in line, told a white lie or cheated on something?
  3. Do you always include everyone in your social gatherings? Do you send birthday invitations to school and leave people out?
  4. Do you post pictures of events on social media where people have been excluded?
  5. Do you use the phrase ‘popular kids’? Or try to navigate or steer your child socially into the ‘right group’?
  6. Do you teach empathy and talk about how other people are feeling?
  7. Do you encourage your child to problem solve on their own and use ‘I messages’?
  8. Have you taught your child coping measures for when things don’t go their way?

As a teacher, I see mean girl behavior every day- and I hate to say this, but a lot of it is coming from home. Mean girls often have mean moms. We have the power to change that. Set a good example for your daughter and the world will be a better place.

Thanks for reading- and if you have any tips you want to share or pass along, please feel free to do so. I’d love to start a conversation about how to help our kids be the best version of themselves!

Jan 8th, Faux Suit

DSCN6374I have a work meeting this morning, so I want to look somewhat professional- but notdscn6038 too formal. I decided to go with a pencil skirt and my leather jacket- to make sort of a ‘faux suit’.

I paired my brown pencil skirt with my lace t shirt and then layered my leather jacket over the top (instead of a suit jacket). To complete the look I opted for my brown boots.

Looking at the photos, I don’t like seeing my bare legs peeking out, I may need to go put some tights on. What do you think? Should I add tights?

Skirt: Nordstrom, Top: Madewell, Jacket: Nordstrom, Boots: DSW
Skirt: Nordstrom, Top: Madewell, Jacket: Nordstrom, Boots: DSW

Dec 6th, Three for Thursday

Good morning! It’s Thursday, so that means another Three for Thursday- where I show you 1 item worn 3 ways. Today I’m showing a black pencil skirt worn 3 ways.

DSCN6200A pencil skirt is often on people’s lists as a ‘must have’ item- yet I’ve realized I rarely wear mine- so today I challenged myself to find 3 ways to wear it.

My first way is a casual, everyday mom look. By pairing the skirt with a white waffle t shirt and a denim shirt I have made it very casual. The high knee socks and boots also add to the casual vibe.

You could wear this volunteering at school, running errands, meeting friends for coffee… whatever. Don’t be afraid to wear a dress or skirt during the day. I used to worry people would think I was too dressed up- but actually people always just comment on how nice I look.

My next look is for the office. Here I have chosen an open weave sweater layered over a tank. I’ve opted for my snakeskin heels to add another pattern- as well as interest.


Lastly, this is my night out look. I always envy gals who are out in spaghetti strap tops in the middle of winter. Don’t they freeze to death? Probably, but it looks fabulous! Actually, if you have a great coat- wear that- and then hope that wherever you are going is nice and warm. Usually in a crowded party I end up getting so hot that I’m thankful for the summery top.



DSCN6202DSCN6212Skirt: Gap, Denim shirt: J Crew, Sweater: Target, Gold Top: H&M

Nov 14th, Brown and Blue Together?

A year ago I would have never combined brown and blue together.

When wearing brown (or gray) pants or skirt I always took the safe route and opted for a white or an off white shirt on top. But how boring is that?!

On the left I have replaced the white shirt with this bright blue silk top.

I love this silk shirt- it can be worn un-tucked over skinny pants as a tunic, or tucked into a skirt as shown here.

As for my shoes, instead of the matronly heels on the right, I decided to go for my brown boots. I also added a belt (following my rule of 3).

To finish it off, I added this cool beaded necklace to tie the blue and brown  together.

This statement necklace ties the skirt and blouse together.

Don’t be afraid to mix brown and blue (or brown and black as we saw the other day!)

Blouse: Nordstrom, Skirt: Nordstrom, Boots: DSW, Necklace: Forever 21

November 1st, Month in Review

Well, it’s the start of a new month- which means I show all my outfits from last month and you all can comment and let me know which is your favorite!

Hope you had a great Halloween!

Oct 17th, Charity Lunch

I am attending a charity lunch today- so my goal is to look professional, tasteful and appropriate.

I opted for a gray pencil skirt, a gorgeous peach toned shirt layered over a tank and my snakeskin heels.

To accessorize, I chose this cool beaded necklace- unfortunately- in the pictures it doesn’t look right- in person the colors are more similar (I swear!).

I don’t really have a before picture for you today- because I actually like the top with pants as well… in fact, if it’s cold out- these pants might be a better option.

Sorry for the bad lighting- I took these pictures so early it was still dark outside!

I’m so excited- I finally reached over 300 for my Facebook ‘likes‘!

Thank you- and if you haven’t had a chance, come like me (please!)

A closeup of this silk top- it’s very sheer- so needs a tank underneath. Don’t be afraid of this color- it is flattering on anyone!

Boots are another great option- especially for keeping warm!

Blouse: CABi, Skirt: Target, Shoes: DSW, Boots: Nordstrom, Necklace: Khol’s

March 17th, 3 Ways to Wear a Grandpa Sweater

Love these cropped pants, polka dot top and flats.

The longer work out pants and flip flops don't quite work.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sorry for the delayed post, we were up celebrating KU’s win last night (Rock Chalk) so we are moving slow this morning.

We’ve decided to show how versatile a grandpa sweater is by showing 3 totally different looks.

Erin has paired hers with cropped black pants, a cute polka dot blouse and a gorgeous necklace.

Kara has chosen cropped skinny jeans, a silk blouse tucked in and has added a belt, bracelet and two necklaces.

Her before is loose, faded baggy jeans, a plain white t shirt and birks just doesn’t have the same elegant look, does it?

I’ve chosen a black pencil skirt, a polka dot top and a pink cardigan. I’ve added a pink belt and have selected these cute espadrille wedges.

My before look of the plain white tank and baggy pants is unflattering and too messy.

I am so jealous of these gorgeous snakeskin wedge heels.

These baggy faded jeans are way too long for her.

I love the pink and black together. It's a good combo for spring.

These baggy pants are not flattering and the plain white tank is also making me look large in the tummy area.

Let me be totally honest, since it is snowing again here today- we will not be wearing any of these outfits- instead we will be bundled head to toe in the warmest things we can find. UGH! Spring- please come soon. We miss you!

Don’t forget to vote for Top Mommy Blogs- I need your vote each day (thank you!).

Now, go drink some green beer! And, if you’re feeling really festive, try a green blazer! Isn’t this cute?

This jacket is from Talbots, isn't it cute?

Dec 5th, 30 for 30- Day 5

 Today’s outfit is another very simple look- a pencil skirt and a blouse. Nothing to it.

Well, actually there is a little to it.

As you can see on the right- when this blouse is untucked it just looks messy and makes me look huge!

In order to balance it out, I tucked the blouse in- and let me let you in on a little secret my grandma taught me- tucking your blouse into your tights! I know, it sounds nuts, and you want to be sure the waistband of your skirt is higher enough to not reveal your tights/ blouse combo- but it does work well in keeping your shirt where you want it.

To complete my look, I added a necklace and belt- kind of my signature look, right?  I told you- I am a creature of habit!

I will say, the bright color of this blouse is different for me- right? At least it’s not an earth tone!

Love this cranberry color- it is even prettier in person!

Blouse: H&M, Skirt: Gap, Necklace: Cookie Lee, Belt: Ann Taylor

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