Oct. 13th, Tying too Hard?

The scarf tied as a belt emphasizes my waist and brings definition to this oversize sweater.
Without the belt/ scarf and with black tights. Is this too safe? Too boring?

I’m come to a place where I am so inspired by all the amazing fashion/ style blogs that I view daily, that I feel the need to push the envelope a bit with my styling choices. But on the other hand  when one of my favorite readers (that’s you Jenny M) wrote on Monday how my outfit looked so entirely different than anything I normally wear- I realized she was right!

So my question is, what’s the difference between being fashionable and trying too hard? My goal is to be stylish, but I also don’t want to lose my identity (or look ridiculous).

Today’s outfit is another example of that. On the right is how I have worn this in the past. A pretty purple sweater, a black pencil skirt, some black tights, black heels and a necklace. Nothing too exciting, definitely nothing to risky- just plain and simple- and definitely ME!

On the left is my attempt to re-style this look. I have tied a scarf around my waist (now the ‘tying’ in the title makes sense, right?), and added colored tights (all the rage) and my new black booties. I honestly think this looks pretty great, but is it me? Am I comfortable wearing this? NO!

Let’s face it, I’m 40 years old and these damn booties just aren’t working out for me. As much as I’d love them to- honestly, they aren’t comfortable, and I want this blog/ experiment to be real. Am I REALLY going to wear those booties all day? No, I’m going to wear comfortable flats- because that’s WHO I AM!

Here is my advice to myself:  If I’m not entirely comfortable with what I’m wearing don’t even try to fake it. Yes, in order to be stylish, take some small risks and find what works for me (not for a 25 year old).

Instead of the outfit above,  I’ll wear the scarf – but around my neck, I’ll wear a real belt, I’ll keep the colored tights (but only with tall boots so you can’t really see them) and ditch the booties!

A good compromise for my look today! This reflects ME! (sorry this is blurry, not sure what happened?)

Note to self- go buy a new bra! This is pathetic!

Skirt: Gap, Sweater: Nordtroms,Tights: Marshalls, Booties: Marshalls, Heels: Nordstroms, Necklace: H&M

Oct 5th, Work It Wednesday

Simple and easy everyday mom style.
Perfect for work.

Hello! Today I am participating in Work it Wednesday, where I show 1 item 3 ways. I’ve selected what I consider to be a wardrobe staple- a black turtleneck. I like mine tight fitting- so I can easily layer it under a jacket.

My first look (left) is truly what I would wear everyday. It’s comfy, cute and stylish. I’ve simply thrown on a pair of boyfriend jeans, the turtleneck and this amazing scarf my hubby bought me for Christmas. It’s enormous, which is why it looks so voluminous. Since this is something I’d wear running errands, or volunteering at school- I’m wearing my comfy ballet flats.

My next look (right)  is what I call “sexy librarian’, this is something I would wear to work. It’s such a basic look- pencil skirt with turtleneck, but paired with this cool necklace from Kohl’s, it actually looks like I put some effort into my look. To keep it polished and professional, I have on my classic pointy heels.
The last look is one that might be a bit risky. You’ll either love it or hate it (my family hated it). I’m going with all black from head to toe- and then added a splash of red to make it interesting. I got the idea for this outfit from the movie Four Christmases, don’t know if you’ll remember, but Resse Witherspoon had on a black skirt and black top and black belt- and looked so cool! I felt like I needed a bit of color, to keep from looking like a sprocket- hence the red. What do you think? Yes? No? Stick to my day job?
All one color can be very slimming.

Turtleneck: White House, Black Market, Scarf: Lucky, Jeans: Gap, Skirt: Target, Pants: Express, Necklace (red): Cookie Lee, Necklace: Kohl’s, Red Flats: Target, Heels: Nordstrom, Black Flats: Nordstrom

I’ve also linked up to Real Momma Style and The Pleated Poppy– check them out for some great looks!

Sept 16th, Fashion Friday, How to Build an Outfit

Pencil skirt, top, scarf and sweater make this outfit complete.
Not bad, but a little boring, right?

I’m showing an outfit I wore a year ago on the right- I thought it was sort of cute
at the time- but now looking back I see it’s a little blah! On the left I am showing that by just adding a few simple touches, you can really change a look or add instant style to it.

I’m wearing a classic pencil skirt with a ruffled top. The ruffles add some interest to the look, but to really bring it up a notch- I’ve added a cute infinity scarf. An infinity scarf is one that is actually a huge loop- so you don’t have to worry about how to tie it. You just loop it over your head a few times, and voila, it looks great. I’ve also layered an off white cardigan that has a ruffle around the neckline and then finally, I have on my black heels with open toes.

A polished and professional outfit.

Skirt: Gap, Top: J Crew, Scarf: Old Navy, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Shoes: Nordstrom