Sept 23rd, Rainy Day Soccer Mom

 This post is for a reader, Shannon, who wrote yesterday asking what to wear to a soccer game when it’s raining.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I’m pretty much a self proclaimed expert on rainy day wear!

The key component is having the right boots!

I coveted these rain boots (on the left!) for several months before I finally splurged and bought them. I will tell you- it was so worth it. Not only are they super comfy and stylish- but paired with knee socks- they are very warm!

I wearing black stretch pants (go for ones that are really thick & warm), and then I decided to go with a cream turtleneck and my trench coat in the same color. It’s a very mono-chromatic look- but I liked it- and I was very warm- and so much better than the look on the right. Luckily, it didn’t end up raining- but a cute umbrella would have been the final touch to keep me totally dry!

On the right (in case you are wondering) my jeans are too baggy for boots (see how they gather around the knee), the bright pink boots are a little dorky, and this coat isn’t doing much for me. Yes, I’m warm and dry- but I can also be warm and dry and look good too, right?!

I do wonder if I was a little overdressed though? I did get a bit of teasing by a dad (ahem, Jeff B you know who you are!), but I think he was just jealous that I was warm!

Pants: Nordstrom, Trench: Target, Turtleneck: J Crew, Boots: Nordstrom

June 5th, June Gloom

 We actually have a term for this weather here in Seattle- June Gloom.

 After a truly gorgeous May- we have now entered into the rainy season. And by rainy, I mean RAINY.

It looks like it could be December out there… UGH! Seriously?!

So while the rest of the country is basking in the sun, we are donning our rain gear and making the best of it.

Rather than look like the picture on the right- I decided to skip the bright blue (unflattering) rain coat and tacky pink boots and instead opted for a cute mini skirt (it is summer after all) paired with my Hunter rain boots and a cute striped tank. Since it is only 55 degrees out there, I had to add a cute little black cardigan so I don’t freeze!

Even though it is very ‘un Seattle like’ to use an umbrella- today I will be doing such that!

Enjoy your day by the pool and if it makes you feel better, think of me sloshing around in the rain.

Skirt: Anthropologie, Tank: Gap, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Boots: Nordstrom

A reader asked what coat I would be wearing, so here you go! I also had to add tights because I was wrong about the temp- it’s actually 48, not 55. BRRRRRRRR!

May 31st, Month In Review

Well ladies, it’s the end of the month- so it’s time for a review of all my outfits.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Reader’s Request- so be sure to drop by then to help a reader with what to wear to Disneyworld!

For now enjoy the summary, and let me know which one was your favorite! If you haven’t had the chance to ‘like’ me on Facebook- please do so! I’m almost to 200 likes- which would make my day! 🙂

Oct. 1st- Soccer Mom

Does this even need a caption? We've all seen this mom on the sidelines! It was me!
The fitted jacket is so much more flattering than the big baggy one on the right!

I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for 10 years now- and I’ve had children playing outdoor soccer for the past 6 years, and while I love watching those cute little kiddos running around in a wet sloppy field chasing after a ball- I don’t love being covered in mud afterwards, and yet it took me years to realize I needed rain boots! What took me so long? Who knows? I guess I’m a slow learner! Luckily, my local Fred Meyer carries tons of rain boots- and cheap too! I will say though, now that I’m making more of an effort with style- I’m currently coveting the Hunter boots. Does that make me shallow? Probably!

On the right I’m showing my original soccer mom outfit. Seriously- I wore something like this for 5 years. Yikes!  It wasn’t until my friend Heidi was visiting from out of town and it was pouring rain- and I loaned her this blue thing. When I took one look at her I thought “Oh my gosh- is that what I look like?” This coat is much too large, the hood is goofy and the pink floral boots would be cute on a 6 year old.

I immediately headed straight to REI and picked up this fabulous and fitted North Face rain jacket. It is totally rainproof- and yes, it also has a hood, however I prefer to wear a cute hat. (See below).  I then stopped at Freddies and got myself some cuter boots- black and white checks are always stylish. Underneath I’m wearing a lot of layers- 2 tank tops and a zip up hoodie in bright pink (team colors). Now, let’s just hope they win! Go Flyers!

A cute alternative to a regular baseball cap- although I do wear lots of those too!
Is is possible to stay dry and look cute too!

Boots: Fred Meyer, Jeans: Nordstrom Rack, Hoodie: Target, Northface: REI

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