Oct 21, Purple Cardigan

For the lack of a better, more catchy title I’m simply calling this post ‘purple cardigan’.  On the right I’m showing blue jeans, dull shoes, a white tank and a purple cardigan. There’s nothing wrong with this outfit- but it just doesn’t do much for me. To be honest, it makes me look a little dated.

On the left I am showing a more modern version, as seen here. I have replaced my faded jeans with a pair of skinny jeans in a darker denim. I’ve put on a cream tank that has a cute frayed neckline- and I’ve replaced the purple cardigan for this more unique version. This has interesting sleeves and a very cool ribbed texture. As usual, I added a necklace that reflects the purple and threw on my snakeskin heels. Truthfully, if I weren’t going to work I’d probably just wear cute flats- but I wanted to show a dressy version!

I’ve learned that taking photos outside is great, except when I’m wearing white or cream. You can’t even see the details of this tank- the light is reflecting too much. Sorry! Since my photographer is a 10 year old- this is the best we can do! If anyone has a tip to help with this, please let me know!

Flats might be more practical- what color would you suggest?

Jeans: Nordstrom Rack, Tank: Ann Taylor Loft, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Belt: White House, Black Market, Necklace: Jewel Kade, Heels: DSW

Oct. 14th, Blue Jean Lady

The flats and the skinny jeans make this outfit a little more stylish.
Surely this doesn't even require a comment. It should be very obvious why this doesn't work!

Two words: Oh dear! I imagine the picture on the right doesn’t really need much more explanation than that, but just in case- let me start by saying I have actually seen women wearing this (including the tennis shoes).

While yesterday’s post was on not being too trendy and trying too hard- today’s post is about at least making a little effort. The clothes we wear are often the first impression people have of us, and sadly the outfit on the right leaves the impression that you are out of date. Luckily, all it takes is a few small changes to make this outfit look a bit better.

Let’s start with the jeans. I know you all are pretty sick of seeing me in my skinny jeans. But honestly, they work so well with most of my tops- and the dark color is a more current look. The length is perfect for ballet flats, which is the perfect shoe for us busy moms. And, the best part is that they are very comfy! Be sure to buy jeans with stretch (spandex) in them.

Now for the shoes- seriously, unless you are running a marathon, please DO NOT wear your tennis shoes out of the house. I understand the whole ‘my feet hurt’ thing, I get it- my feet hurt too! But, if you invest in some great flats (Cole Haan’s are my favorite) they will actually be extremely comfortable and WAY more stylish than tennis shoes.

Lastly, let’s talk about the cardigan. I know, on Monday I shunned the basic boring cardy- and then here I am today wearing one. The reason this works is because: 1) I unbuttoned it, 2) it’s layered over a button down plaid shirt (which is over a tank top- and unbuttoned a bit- so it looks fresh and modern). 3) Because my plaid shirt is the focus of the outfit, the cardigan simply acts as a supporting piece. It ties in the color from my bottom half- having 1 uniform color from head to toe is a great way to appear slimmer.

Ok that’s it- I’m off to wake the kids up for school. Wish me luck!

See you tomorrow! Shirt: Target, Sweater: H&M, Jeans: Anthrolopologie, Ballet Flats: Target

This would even work without the cardigan, expect I'm always cold!

Oct 12th, Work it Wednesday

This blue and white striped shirt is such an easy piece to throw on with anything!
This is almost the opposite of the outfit on the left.

Can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! Once again, I’m participating in Work it Wednesday, where I show 1 article of clothing worn 3 ways. Today I’ve selected one of my favorite tops- my striped shirt from J Crew. Which I wore here.

In the picture on the left I’m wearing it with my boyfriend jeans, my new fur booties and my utility vest from Old Navy. A very casual and easy outfit. I’ve heard you are never supposed to wear horizontal stripes- because it makes you look wide- but paired with the vest, there is now a vertical line to break up the look.

On the right, I’ve taken the same concept and flipped it- putting the utility on bottom (cargo pants, rolled up to add style) and adding a denim jacket (sleeves rolled up to add personality). Again, the jacket acts as a vertical line to break up the stripes. I still have on booties, but a different pair that look a little better with these  pants.  Otherwise it is basically the same outfit in reverse.

Below I’m showing a 3rd look- Here I’ve paired the striped top with my dark skinny jeans, ballet flats and a grey cable knit oversize sweater. This is a little dressier look (the dark denim, flats and pearls), but the oversize sweater adds a casual element to it. Perfect for running around town in!

A huge rain storm blew in while we were taking these pictures, so it’s very dark and hard to see. I apologize!

Pardon the umbrella- it started pouring during my photos!

To be honest, I’m not sure which look I like the best- probably the one with the jeans- which is what I actually wore! Which one is your favorite? Please comment and let me know! I love hearing from my readers, it truly makes my day!!

I really love the easy casual look of this outfit. So me!

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Jeans: Gap, Shirt: J Crew, Vest: Old Navy, Cargo Pants: Louis Permilia, Denim Jacket: Old Navy, Skinny jeans: Anthropologie, Cable sweater: White house, Black Market, Shoes- Fur booties: Marshalls, Booties: Kohl’s, Flats: Nordstroms

Oct 6th, A Thing for Scarves

Outfit neutral? Throw on a colorful scarf!
I think the hemline on this is interesting enough it could be worn alone (without the scarf)

I’ve got a thing for scarves! Maybe it’s because I’m cold ALL THE TIME! Maybe because I wear so many neutral colors, it’s an easy way to bring new colors into my wardrobe. Maybe it’s because the hide my tummy when I’ve had too much to eat! Who knows? Who cares? As long as they are fashionable- you’ll see me in a scarf, a lot!

Today’s outfit is this gorgeous sweater with the asymmetrical hemline. It is a pretty purplish/ grey color and is as soft as a babies bottom. So comfy! My husband picked this up for me the other day, just ’cause. He does that occasionally, yes I know- I am a very lucky lady!

On the right I’m showing it alone- just paired with my skinny jeans and flats. I’ve thrown on a simple charm necklace and I think this looks fine just like this. But, because of my love for scarves, and because I love showing how simple it is to change a look-  on the left I’ve added this lovely silk scarf, 2 chain style necklaces and I changed into my booties to keep my feet warm!

I’m wearing the scarf open (which won’t do much good hiding the food baby), but wanted to show an alternative way to wear it. Below I show another way to wear it- just looped around my neck.

To achieve this look- put the scarf around your neck with the tails hanging behind you- then cross them in back and bring around front and tie loosely.
I love the colors in this scarf, so bright and cheerful on a grey rainy day!

Sweater: Louie Permelia, Scarf: Louie Permelia, Jeans: Anthropologie, Booties: Kohl’s, Flats: Nordstroms, Necklace: Kohl’s (chains), Charm Necklace: gift

Oct 3rd, Walking the Dog

The vest adds a bit of edginess to this look.
This outfit is too plain, no personality is showing.

I have affectionately named this vest ‘the dog’ because of it’s shaggy hair- and for those of you who know me- this is the closest I’ll come to owning a dog!

Since I don’t have any client meetings today, I thought this might be a fun and edgy outfit. I’m showing on the right my original look- just the plain black v neck t shirt and jeans and boots. Nothing special. To bring some fun and personality into it- I threw on my furry vest and added a long necklace.  It’s what I call ‘rock star glam’. In my mind, if I were a rock star wife I’d wear stuff like this (although they would probably be wearing heels, and definitely wouldn’t be shopping at  Marshalls!).

I spoke of this last week, but in case you are new here- I like to dress in 3’s. So here I have shirt (1), vest (2) and necklace (3). I like the way the necklace pulls some color from the vest, and the length draws the eye down.

To me, it’s fun, different and very comfy! Perfect!

I found this vest at Marshalls. Gotta love that!


Jeans: Nordstrom Rack, Boots: Frye, Shirt: Nordstrom, Vest: Marshalls, Necklace: Forever 21

Sept 29th, Come Sail Away

A blazer is always a classic and stylish look!
While this top is cute on it's own, it just seems to need something else.

I know, it’s a corny title, but it’s the best I could do. This outfit is for work, but I’m pretending that I’m going to go out on my friend Livi’s boat today- and if so, this is what I would wear! (Plus I’ve always loved that song by Styx- yes, I’m that old!).

I am excited that stripes are so popular- because I LOVE them so much! I have at least 5 different striped shirts- most are blue and white- as shown here. This cute one if from Anthropologie, and while it’s fine on it’s own (notice the cute gathered sleeves), I feel like it needs something more.  To add some polish to my look, I added my new Land’s End blazer (from Sears!), my leopard belt (are you sick of seeing this yet? I’m not!) and a strand of pearls.  I have my skinny jeans with the lighter wash and a pair of neutral ballet flats.

It may not be cutting edge fashion, but my belief is that by not being super trendy and by sticking to the classics- I will always feel appropriately dressed. To keep the look modern, I like to throw in 1 unexpected piece (hence my favorite- the leopard belt). Now I’m ready for a boat ride, work, running errands, or even volunteering at school- wherever my day takes me!

Neutral ballet flats are perfect for this simple outfit.

Jeans: Nordstrom Rack, Shoes: Nine West, Shirt: Anthropologie, Blazer: Sears, Belt: Target, Necklace: Forever 21

Sept 26th, Falling In Love

When you think about dressing in 3's you'll never look boring!
This just seems a little boring!

I love fall- and it seems like most people do. What is it? The cooler weather? Back to school? College football? For me, it’s the clothes! Today is a typical fall day in the Pacific Northwest- it’s grey, rainy and mild temperature.

Once again, I am showing how to build an outfit. I started with my skinny jeans and a purple shirt. Just these 2 items alone are boring! So, I’m taking advice from Jessica Quirk- of What I Wore. She advises you always dress in 3’s. I knew this to be true when decorating (group collections of things in three’s), but it’s also true for building an outfit.

Following this advice I added a grey grandpa style cardigan. I’ll admit- when the salesgirl at J Crew suggested I buy this, I hesitated. I thought there was no way I would wear that. Luckily, she convinced me and I’m so glad. I’ve had this sweater for almost 2 years now and I wear it all the time. The grey is a great neutral color and I can throw this sweater on over any skinny pants and add style and hide my butt at the same time. Genius!

Building on the purple top and the grey sweater, this new scarf from Target is the perfect final touch. I love the colors- and it seems to tie the whole look together. To complete the look, I have on black ballet flats (to match the black in the scarf) and a very small arm party 0f silver bracelets (to match the grey sweater). That’s it… now I’m off to work! Have a great Monday!

In this picture I left the scarf untied. Not sure which is better? What do you think?

I’m participating in Momtrends Monday Mingle today, so to see some other great looks from other bloggers, click here!

Jeans: Anthropologie, Top: Nordstrom, Cardigan: J Crew, Scarf: Target, Shoes: Nordstrom (Tory Burch)

Sept 18th, Comfy and Cozy

Love this giant comfy sweater- the skinny jeans balance the look.

It’s a rainy Sunday- that means spending the day inside reading, watching movies, playing games and being comfy and cozy. Ideally, I’d like to stay in my pj’s all day, but I need to run to the grocery store, so I had to get dressed. I am wearing skinny jeans, a dark blue button-down cotton shirt and my one of my favorite weekend sweaters. I think it sort of looks like a bathrobe, (but in a good way?!) don’t you? It’s big, it’s warm and it’s so comfy. To add a tiny bit of style, I’m wearing my leopard ballet flats from Target and a charm necklace that my sister gave me. These simple additions show I put a little effort into my look.

The sweater is like a giant blanket- perfect for snugging up on the couch with a good book.

Jeans: Nordstrom Rack, Shirt: Marshalls, Sweater: Anthropologie, Shoes: Target

Sept 2, Trench in the City

Same idea, just a bit cuter look!
Jeans and a North Face- the Seattle uniform!

My mother in law is visiting this week so we are heading into the city today. I decided
to wear jeans, flats and a jacket for warmth and comfort. I tried two different looks- on the right I’m wearing straight leg jeans and my North Face jacket. Being a Seattle gal, I love my North Face as much as anyone- but it’s just not that fashionable! On the left I swapped out my regular jeans for a pair of dark skinnys and replaced my North Face with a cute cropped trench. I added a long necklace and another arm party (I’m liking this trend more than I thought!). It’s a much cuter look while accomplishing the same goal- comfort and warmth! I love it!

Cropped trench from H&M in University Village, skinny jeans from Anthropologie.
Arm party again! Bracelets from Target.
Layering the tank underneath means if the sun comes out (wishful thinking?) I can remove the jacket.