Sept 16, Opposite Day

Today’s outfit is jeans, a top and a super comfy long cardigan. Originally I started with blue skinny jeans and a white top with the cardigan, but then I decided to try the opposite of that look- white jeans and a blue top.

Personally, I think both looks work- but I like the version with the white jeans, simply because it’s a little different for me. So next time you are getting dressed- think about flipping your outfit around and trying something new!

Jeans- Gap

T shirt- Nordstrom Rack

Sweater- Marshalls

Shoes- Dr. Scholl’s Marshalls

Feb 3rd, Super Bowl

Since the Seahawks aren’t in the Super Bowl this year, I think I’ll skip wearing the team sweatshirt and go for a cute and VERY cozy striped cardigan instead.  The loose tank under the cardigan is perfect for a Super Bowl party. There is plenty of room for me to eat to my hearts content. Which I will be doing since I could care less about the actual game!


Now here’s a little secret about what’s underneath my tank- another tank!

I wear a tank top almost every day under my clothes. I love this one that I found at Uniqlo. It keeps me warm- and also helps hold my tummy in. Plus, with the built in bra, it is an easy and comfy way to get the support I need (for those of you who want to know,  I am a B cup, so this may not work for you bigger breasted gals).


Sweater- Marshalls

Tank- Uniqlo

Tank- Anne Taylor

Shoes- Marshalls

Jeans- Nordstrom

Dec 7th, Rule of 3

DSCN6214DSCN6215 Over the past year I’ve mentioned my ‘rule of 3’ several times (and to be honest, I didn’t even come up with this idea, I think it came from Jessica Quirk of “What I Wore“), so today I thought I’d explain it again for those who were wondering what I’m talking about.

Basically it’s really simple!

I just like to have 3 elements to my outfit (on the top half). This means I might start with a plain top (or tunic as you see on the right) and then add a little something extra- like the striped cardigan and the raspberry scarf. By adding those 2 little extras- I have now made my outfit all the more interesting. I’ve added color and texture (with the scarf) and a pattern (with the cardigan).

Other options are: add a necklace, a bracelet, a belt, a jacket, a scarf, a vest, a tank, or even layer something underneath… the options are endless! Just keep it interesting!

Told you it was easy!

Enjoy your Friday!

Pants: Gap, Tunic: H&M, Cardigan: Marshalls, Scarf: Gift, Boots: Frye
Pants: Gap, Tunic: H&M, Cardigan: Marshalls, Scarf: Gift, Boots: Frye

Nov 29th, A Long Time Coming

 I swear, I must be either really tired, really jet lagged or just plain worn out- but it took me 30 minutes to get dressed this morning. I stood in my closet and stared at my clothes for 30 minutes. Seriously! I don’t know what was wrong, but I simply couldn’t put together an outfit.

Often when this happens, I’ll just reach for an old stand by- but since I’m trying to show different looks each day, I didn’t want to bore anyone with an outfit you’ve seen recently, so this is the best I could do.

I did warn you all yesterday that I’m a simple dresser… I didn’t lie!

Part of my problem is that I’m going to Costco today, and really wanted to wear something comfortable. I decided to go with skinny blue jeans (they look black in this picture, but they are actually blue), a black v neck shirt and then I added this cute striped open cardigan.

On the right you can see the outfit without the cardigan. This used to be my sister Erin’s daily look. It’s simple, easy and slimming, but it’s also boring. Why not throw on a little cardigan to add some interest? To finish it off (and follow my rule of 3), add a necklace. In this case, a long necklace is needed to help draw the eye down.

The long necklaces help break up the solid black of the t shirt.

Jeans: Madewell, T Shirt: Nordstroms, Striped Cardigan: Marshalls, Necklace: H&M, Shoes: Nordstrom

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