Oct 1, Back to Basics

Whenever I can’t figure out what to wear, I go for basics. Nothing is more basic or classic than blue and white stripes. This look will always be in style!

However, even the most basic look needs a little styling. In my before look I have a long sleeve t shirt from J Crew, which I actually really like a lot, but paired with the white jeans I think the sweater on the right is cuter. The sweater is linen, which I like better than the cotton t shirt (it’s a bit dressier), plus, the white stripes on the sweater are smaller than the blue stripes- which makes the blue really pop, adding a nice contrast to the jeans. I also like the neckline on the sweater better as well as the detail on the sleeve (see how the stripes change direction?). All of these little details really add up.

Rolling the sleeves and adding bracelets complete the look.

I’ve also rolled the hems of the jeans to reveal a little skin and changed out the slip on tennis shoes (which I also love by the way) but thought these cute leopard flats would add some instant fun to the otherwise simple outfit.

Sweater- Vince

Jeans- J Brand

Shoes- Franco Sarto

Sept 4, Striped Camisole

Today’s OOTD is my distressed black jeans paired with a printed camisole. What I want to point out is how in the before photo the camisole has a wide band right around my tummy.

Since this is my ‘problem area’ I really don’t want to wear anything that draws the eye there. So, my solution is to tuck the top in- therefore removing the offending horizontal stripe. By switching from cropped dress pants to distressed jeans I look less dated, and the strappy sandals are an improvement over the ballet flats. Now I’m off to the dentist. Ugh! Wish me luck.

Oct. 18th, My Perfect Dress

I love the way this dress hangs- it just has such a casual and comfy feel to it!

This works- but it's so expected!

I read somewhere that when you are shopping and looking for the perfect dress- you will know it as soon as you try it on. This isn’t always true- but for this dress it was!

There is something I just really love about it! It fits well, I love the stripes and it is super comfy- yet there is something more…

I think part of it is the long sleeves! I’ve mentioned before how I am always cold- so long sleeves is a great way to keep my arms warm!

I also love the way this dress has elastic around the waistline- giving the top this lovely drapey look- and then giving the bottom half a more slender look.

To make this look a little more stylish-and not too predictable- I added a braided brown leather belt, some grey colored tights (I’m liking these colored tights more than I thought), and brown boots. To compliment the entire outfit- I added a necklace (this makes a V and draws the eye down- competing with the whole horizontal thing). As an added bonus- I just happened to have a purse that matches my boots- so thought you’d like seeing that as well.

This dress is ideal to me because it can be worn to work, to a PTSA meeting (as in today!) to run errands in, or even for the weekend- throw a cute denim jacket and scarf over it!

I’m telling ya, you’ll be seeing this new friend again!

I like the brown and black together- it's a great color combo

Dress: Nordstrom, Boots: Target, Tights: DSW, Purse: Michael Kors, Necklace: gift from mom!

Sept 13th, Down on the Farm

Striped shirt and jeans- an easy and cute outfit.

I'm calling foul for this look!

Today is my farm day- each Tuesday I head over to a local farm to pick up my
produce for the week. It’s a great way to support local farmers, and eat fresh fruits and veggies. During the summer I’d take my kids and they would enjoy picking the berries.

Since I’ll be out there doing the picking myself today- I need an outfit that will work. I chose comfy jeans and a striped top. I’m showing 2 versions of a striped top- one that works (in my opinion) and one that doesn’t. On the right my black and white striped shirt looks a little too much like a referee. I also don’t care for the large black cuffs and the fit is tight- and horizontal stripes already make people look wide- in a tight fit this can be made worse.

On the left I am wearing a cuter striped shirt. This one has a better fit, a cute boatneck and the stripes are further apart. I’ve rolled my jeans again- I seem to really like that look, and for shoes I went with ultra comfortable- ballet flats.

I decided to not wear any jewelry- do you think I should add a necklace? What’s missing?

I looked for several months to find a cute striped t shirt- now they are everywhere! This one is from J Crew.

Jeans: Nordstrom Rack (It Brand- style Pepper), Shoes: Tod’s, Shirt: J Crew

August 28th, Easy and Comfortable Weekend Wear

One thing I’m learning about myself during this process is that I really like wearing skirts. I think they are so much more comfortable than shorts. And, in my opinion, shorts are very difficult to pull off. You really need to have very long and very skinny legs to look great in shorts. Since I am neither really tall or really skinny, I’ll stick to skirts. I know, I know, I did wear shorts a few weeks ago- and once in a while rules are meant to be broken, right?

I was in a hurry to get out the door today, so I put on my North Face skirt and a grey and white striped t-shirt. I added a necklace and my orange sandals for a little burst of color. Not the most exciting outfit- but it’s easy and comfortable.

Easy, breezy beautiful?!

Skirt: REI, Shirt: J Crew, Shoes: Target,  Necklace: Kohls

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