Sept 2, Trench in the City

Same idea, just a bit cuter look!
Jeans and a North Face- the Seattle uniform!

My mother in law is visiting this week so we are heading into the city today. I decided
to wear jeans, flats and a jacket for warmth and comfort. I tried two different looks- on the right I’m wearing straight leg jeans and my North Face jacket. Being a Seattle gal, I love my North Face as much as anyone- but it’s just not that fashionable! On the left I swapped out my regular jeans for a pair of dark skinnys and replaced my North Face with a cute cropped trench. I added a long necklace and another arm party (I’m liking this trend more than I thought!). It’s a much cuter look while accomplishing the same goal- comfort and warmth! I love it!

Cropped trench from H&M in University Village, skinny jeans from Anthropologie.
Arm party again! Bracelets from Target.
Layering the tank underneath means if the sun comes out (wishful thinking?) I can remove the jacket.
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