Jan 30th, Neutrals

A few things to share:

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2. I have decided yesterday’s outfit was a miss (my hubby was right). As some of you pointed out- there was something off with the capped sleeves. Thanks so much for your input!

Now, for my outfit today. As many of you know- I am a big fan of neutrals. I really like the look of similar colors paired together.

At first, I tried this sweater plain- paired with these cute toothpick white jeans. I decided that although I love the simple and unfussy look- it was a little too plain.

To change it up a bit, I’ve simply added my chambray shirt under the sweater- that’s it. Just a tiny little change- and I think it makes all the difference in the world. My leopard flats and necklace complete the look. This outfit is totally me- not me trying to be someone else- it’s me. Plain and simple.

The small detail of the shirt peeking out from under the sweater is all I needed to complete this look.

Pants: J Crew, Sweater: Land’s End, Shirt: Target, Shoes: Target, Bracelet: J Crew, Necklace: Forever 21

Jan 9th, Minor Details

It’s Monday, so I’m back to the office, hence I need to look a little professional.

Today I’m showing how something as simple as changing the style of your pant  leg can totally change your look.

I’ve had these white jeans (on the right) for a couple years now, and while I love them, the bootleg cut seems a little dated.

I’d been putting off buying new ones thinking; ‘I already own white pants, why should I spend money on another pair?”

The picture on the left should answer that question. This slimmer cut, cropped leg is simply more stylish- and perfect for work (even in the winter)!

On top I’ve got on this cute cableknit gray turtleneck sweater that I got on sale at J Crew! If you are a regular reader, you know how much I LOVE my black turtleneck, and I have a feeling this one is going to become a new favorite as well.

For shoes I’m wearing my snakeskin heels. The snakeskin acts as a neutral, and looks great paired with the white and gray.

If I were going to be on my feet all day, there is NO WAY I’d wear these heels- but I know I’ll be sitting all day, so for the quick walk from the car to my desk, don’t they look fabulous?!

Even in the winter, cropped pants are totally acceptable (even in white!)
I like how the pearls in the necklace match the white pants

Pants: J Crew, Turtleneck: J Crew, Shoes: DSW, Necklace: Forever 21

Sept 9th Flip Flop Lemon Drop

White jeans and bright top- make for a cute girl's night out!

This will be a short post- I’m rushing out the door to play in a golf tournament today- Play For Pink– but I figured that no one wants to see my golf outfit. So- since I’m going to a girl’s night out tonight- I thought I’d post the outfit that I will wear to that.

The event tonight is called Flip Flop Lemon Drop and although technically I should wear flip flops- it’s just not going to happen!

Here is what I’ll be wearing: my white jeans- still appropriate after Labor Day, a bright patterned top (with a draping neckline) and brown wedge heels. Since I like my outfits to have 3 elements (a tip I learned from Jessica Quick from What I Wore) I added my blue necklace.

I wonder if this would be cute with matchstick legged pants instead of the bootleg? Alas, I don’t have any- so this will have to do. What do you think?

Wish me luck in the golf tournament… I need it!

Love this pattern! I also love the draping at the neckline.

Top: Macy’s, Jeans: JC Penny, Necklace: Kohl’s, Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft

August 30th, A Checkered Past

White tank and unbuttoned blouse add a little style to this look
Checkered shirt left untucked is a little plain.

Today I decided I needed a little color, so I chose this cute checkered shirt I just bought from Land’s End. In the left side picture, I left it untucked and un- accessorized.
In the picture on the right, I added a white tank under the shirt, unbuttoned a few buttons and added a chunky necklace and belt. I think this looks much better, don’t you?

Just the right amount of tank showing ads a little sex appeal. My grocer will be thrilled! Hah!

August 20th, Black and White

Black, white and boring
Same concept, but with a little more style

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- I love black and white. It’s clean, simple and usually pretty easy to pull off. Today I threw on my white jeans and a black t shirt… nothing to it. But, actually, nothing to it looks a little plain and boring. So I restyled my look and changed my t shirt for a tank, added a funky necklace and swapped out my Birks (yes, I own 2 pairs of Grandpa shoes) and put on some black wedges. Much cuter, don’t you think?

Jeans: JC Penny, T Shirt: Gap, Tank: Nordstroms, Belt: Ann Taylor, Wedges: Macy’s (Franco Sarto)

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