Feb 12th, Keeping it Simple

 For you regular readers, you know I am a fan of very simple style. I love the classic look of khaki and white. There’s nothing fussy about it- it’s such an easy and stylish outfit.

However, it is possible to even screw this up! As you can see on the right- these cargo pants are cute- but like this they are a  little boring, especially paired with this plain crew neck shirt. Blah!

On the left I have replaced the long pants for these cute cropped pants and then added one of my favorite shirts of all time. I LOVE this shirt- it is the softest cotton and has stretchy jersey inset panels in the sides, so it moves with my body- making it incredibly comfy. (Looking at the pictures I should have ironed it! Whoops!)

To add a little personality, I’ve added this gorgeous green necklace and my leopard flats. Again, nothing earth shattering- but a simple and casual mom outfit.

White doesn't have to be boring. Just make sure there is something interesting about your outfit.

I took all my photos for the upcoming week before I left on my vacation- which sure made for easy packing! And don’t forget to click on the link below to vote for my blog- I’m in the top 20, which is awesome! Thank you!!!

Shirt: James Perse, Khakis: Gap, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Stella and Dot

One thought on “Feb 12th, Keeping it Simple”

  1. seriously, you make it look so easy! LOL. that’s such a great outfit that looks like you aren’t TRYING too hard to have a great outfit. Like you just grabbed it out of your closet. Love it.

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