Oct. 31st, A Little Bit of Orange Goes a Long Way!

When it’s a holiday, especially Halloween, some people really feel the need to dress for the occasion. If you have small children, it can be fun for them to see you get into the spirit of things- but keep in mind, a little goes a long way.

No need to rush out and buy a pumpkin sweater, vest or earrings! Just look in your closet for something that has a little orange in it- and incorporate it into your regular outfit.

Today’s outfit is another dress that I have turned into a skirt. By layering a white tank over the top- and then adding a long cardigan I have transformed the look of this dress. I then added a touch of orange with my scarf. Because it’s soggy and wet out- I’ve selected gray tights and my Hunter rainboots! It’s a cute way to recognize the holiday without going overboard!

A little orange scarf is the perfect touch!
Please don’t wear this!
Or this!
Or this!

If you want a little more orange- here is another option!

This orange top would work!

Dress: Anthropologie, Cardigan: J Crew, Tank: Gap, Boots: Nordstrom, Orange Top: Nordstrom

Once again, my pictures are blurry! If anyone has a tip for me- please send it. I can’t figure out what is wrong!

6 thoughts on “Oct. 31st, A Little Bit of Orange Goes a Long Way!”

  1. Those tops are keeeeeeling me this morning! We refer to them as “old teacher” wear. 😀 You, as usual, look fabulous!

  2. I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile… how exactly do you get your scarves to look so full? I assume they’re infinity scarves? I love the way they look, thanks!

  3. OMG – at one point I had a theme sweater for every holiday – even Valentine’s day. Thank God those all went to the goodwill years ago… I like the cardigan with the scarf – very cute! As for your camera, you may have inadvertently adjusted the settings to a lower resolution picture. Not exactly sure how to fix that, but look in your manual for how to change the settings to “highest quality.” That may be your problem.

    1. Yes, I had one for each holiday as well. I used to be an elementary school teacher- so they were cute back then. Unfortunately, I still see lots of women wearing them- and it just isn’t a cute look at all.
      Thanks for the tip on the camera, I’ll have to find my users manual!

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