Jan 21st Frumpy to Fab!

DSCN6434DSCN6435Well, I don’t know about fab– but the comparison between these two looks is quite a contrast, don’t you think?

Let’s start with the look on the right- these baggy rolled jeans paired with my UGGs looks frumpy. The plain white t shirt (part of the problem is the ultra high neckline) under the boyfriend style cardigan also contribute to the frumpy look.

In the look on the left I have replaced the frumpy (and baggy) mom jeans with some cute skinny jeans (please know that you DO NOT have to be a size 0 to wear skinny jeans- I am somewhere between a size 4 and 6). I’ve got on brown boots instead of the UGGs. I then switched out the plain white shirt for a cute tank- it’s a very small detail, but notice the cute ruffle around the neckline. Small details like that add so much interest to a look. Lastly, I added a cute necklace to tie the whole look together.

Tank- NY and CO, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Jeans: Madewell, Boots: DSW, Necklace: gift
Tank- NY and CO, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Jeans: Madewell, Boots: DSW, Necklace: gift

3 thoughts on “Jan 21st Frumpy to Fab!”

  1. i love the way you post a picture what you (and i) would’ve worn if you hadn’t put just a little bit of time into small details. i’m a mom of two little ones trying to find some “everyday” mom style and i love your blog. i’m normally a working mom but bc of the holiday i took my kids out for pizza. since reading your blog (and a few other mommy blogs) i’ve put aside my original “go-to” stay home mommy clothes – sweats, baggy jeans, tshirts – and decided that i still want to look stylish even if it’s just running errands with my kids. so today i wore black jeggings, a long button down with a long cardigan with tall boots. it was so weird running into a few of my kids’ friends’ moms who were in their hoodies, jeans, and tennis shoes. i’m not meaning to judge them or frown upon their outfits bc i totally understand how it is. but i did want to tell you that it does make a difference when you take a few moments to just make a couple simple changes. (btw, i loved your jan 18th post too!) thanks for all you do!

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