Sept 17th, Friday Night Lights

I actually really like this outfit- it may have just been a little dressy for football!
Scary lumberjack mom- stay away!

I’m actually posting my outfit from last night- this is what I wore to our local high school football game.

I have to admit though- I’m really struggling- I thought my outfit yesterday was great- then I went to work and saw so many people who were dressed so much better/ cuter/ more stylish than me. I felt stupid (who am I to have a style blog?) and I lost my confidence.

When I got home from work I tried to put together an outfit to wear to the high school game. The outfit on the right is seriously what I put together at first. Yikes! I look like a scary lumberjack. What was I thinking?

To make up for the lumberjack I went to the other extreme- sexy private eye. I paired my dark skinny jeans with a sleek black turtleneck, black boots and a cute houndstooth jacket. My primary goal was to not be cold, so I wanted something that was warm, stylish and would work at a football game. I actually really like this outfit, and I got several comments on how nice I looked- which I translated to ‘you are totally over-dressed for a football game’!

Sometimes do you ever feel like you can’t do anything right? Welcome to my world today!

This coat didn't come with a belt, but I added one to make it fit better. What do you think? Better with out without?

Coat: Brook’s Brothers, Jeans: Anthroplogie, Turtleneck: White House, Black Market, Boots: Frye’s, Necklace Forever 21

5 thoughts on “Sept 17th, Friday Night Lights”

  1. I love this outfit and think it’s totally appropriate for a football game. I like it better without the belt – actually more flattering IMHO… Although I love and wear Uggs, they really have no redeeming fashion qualities. Good move on ditching the lumberjack/Uggs look.

  2. i think you look adorable, too, and that coat is so flattering!! look at your tiny waist! i struggle with the same thing – not quite ever nailing the too dressy or not dressy enough note. as long as you are comfortable and feel good, who cares??

  3. Like the checker trench with the belt but for me personally the outfit needs some color. The lumberjack/grunge outfit is very scary but the UGGS would keep your toes toasty!!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Color would be nice- maybe a scarf?
      Yes, UGGS are toasty- luckily my feet (in the Frye boots) were warm thanks to my Smart Wool knee socks!

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