Jan 29th, More Shoe Options

Photo credit, Pinterest.
Photo credit, Pinterest.

It’s funny, whenever I do a post on shoes I get more comments than usual. I think it’s because so many of us suffer from foot (or back) issues- and we know how incredibly important it is to wear comfortable shoes.

To be honest, I get so tired of seeing other mom blogs with pictures of moms in stilettos. To me, that just doesn’t seem practical or reasonable. There is NO WAY I would (or could) wear those!

Yes, on days when I work I sometimes wear heels- but I am uncomfortable most of the day and rip those babies off as soon as I walk in the door of my house (and immediately put on my beloved Birkenstocks! LOL)

So anyway, after that rant I thought  you all might like to see more options for cute shoes that are also comfortable and realistic for moms!


These are made by Clark and can be found here! They can be worn with socks (which is nice in the winter), or tights and would look great with jeans (as long as they are NOT wide leg). Opt for straight leg, or better yet- skinny or boyfriend style!

Here is another style option, the Oxford.

These can be found here. Oxfords can also be worn with socks (as long as they are very low profile and can’t be seen), but are cuter with bare feet. Pair these with jeans (rolled at the ankle to look cute), or skirts.


Another cute style of shoe, the driver (or loafer as some people call them), which can be found here. These don’t work with socks- but are a cute substitute to ballet flats. They can be worn with anything as seen below in this great collage by The Glitter Guide.


Photo credit: The Glitter Guide
Photo credit: The Glitter Guide

A great alternative to my Puma’s are Chuck Taylors- these are super sporty and also really cute with jeans rolled at the ankle. They can be worn with socks but make sure they are very low profile.

Photo: The Glitter Guide

Another cute, option- (also similar to the Pumas) are made by Clark and can be found here.


These are Teva, and can be found here!


This is a brand I’ve never heard of before, Ahnu. They can be found here:


I could do this all day- there are a lot of options out there! My point is, don’t be fooled by pictures of Hollywood stars (or other mom style blogs) strutting around in their crazy high heels, believe me- they are wishing they could wear comfy shoes like us sensible moms! 🙂

By the way, if I missed a shoe that you want to share, please let me know!

11 thoughts on “Jan 29th, More Shoe Options”

  1. THANK YOU!!! I hate the shoe “issue” in winter and I’m pretty sure I’d be your friend at the bus stop in flip flops if I didn’t hate getting my feet wet in our “lovely” winter rains. I really appreciate the pairs you can wear socks with. 😀 I’m finding myself turning away from those blogs you mentioned because its simply silly to think about dropping the girls off or even picking them up in heels. I’ve found a few blogs that aren’t like that and devour everything they write because I can actually include their ideas in my life. I only wish there were more!!!

  2. Thanks, Megan! Being a life-long loafer lover, I’d love to add that loafers look best when they fit snug in the width and have at least a slight incline in the heel. Otherwise, they can end up looking like slippers!

    1. speaking of cole haan nike soles, i just got some of the cole haan lunargrand (oxford) wingtips. super cute and super comfy! i’m a mom of two lil ones and a school teacher and wish i could wear nikes all day but because of my “uniform/dress code” the lunargrands are perfect! still work appropriate but comfy and stylish too. i teach middle schoolers and one day we were talking about my lunargrands and how even though they’re pricey, they’re worth it because of all the walking/standing i do. (then we joked about teachers who wear sketchers shape-ups to school.) i’ll have to try to those wedges you have.

      1. These are darling- and good news! On sale at Zappos! Here is the link:


        Thanks for sharing.

        Also- to be clear, I don’t have any of the shoes in my post today, these are all ‘dream’ shoes from Zappos. I do have wedges that are very similar (but J Crew), but the heel makes them not as comfy as a flat one would! Thanks for the info about these Oxfords. I am always on the hunt for a comfy everyday shoe. I loved it when Nike and Cole Haan paired up = best of both worlds!

  3. What about wearing thin, nude color knee-high stockings. I’ve done this sometimes with my ballerinas because it was too cold to go without socks. I don’t think anyone noticed that I had on knee-highs because they were the same color as my skin tone and my feet were warm. Problem solved! What do you think?

  4. Oh thank you for continuing to show REAL clothing, including real shoes. Seriously, my puma flats get more compliments when I wear the, it’s like people are thinking ” those are adorable and look comfortable and you are a smart lady for wearing them.” or at least that’s what I imagine them to be saying. 😉

    The winter has been challenging, but I appreciate that skinny jeans are in, and I look good in them, and tall boots. It’s been a lifesaver for staying warm this very very cold winter. That transition period is hard though – when it’s really still too cold to have your feet visible in flats and it’s too spring to wear boots (I’m talking march/april here in new england). I’m going to look for the oxfords or the more enclosed mocs and I think that will help tremendously with options.

  5. Here in MN, I’m in my boots more than anything else. Though I love a high heel, my boots are as flat as they get – it’s a requirement when carrying around a bunch of kids with me! Love my Chucks, too:)

  6. You are speaking my language friend! I’m SO not a heels girl. I mean I love the way they make my legs look and do wear them on special occasions, but they are SO not practical. What’s worse, they’re not that great for your feet either! However, I also think we can all do a WHOLE lot better than the white tennis shoe. My faves are the Privo line from Clarks. I have fall/winter ones in black and bronze and then spring/summer ones like the one you have above, but in white. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. My knees and feet are happy and they’re cute. If you go to an actual Clarks store, you can usually find some great sales and DSW also carries them. One more option is the Jeep like called J-41. They are super cute and sporty and I get SO many compliments on them. I have these, but all black, no blue:

    Great post and have a great day!!!

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