Jan 3rd, Liar Liar

I’ve titled this post ‘Liar, Liar’ because just 2 short days after I declared I would no longer be buying items from Old Navy- I go and buy this sweater.

Let me explain.

My son is really into skinny jeans- and Old Navy was having a denim sale ($10 for kids jeans), so while we were in there, I spotted this sweater.

I decided I might as well try it on, and sure enough, I LOVE it!

That being said, I have paired it with more expensive items- like these cute cargos and this checkered shirt- so I’m not completely going against what I said the other day. Just a tiny bit…

I probably don’t even need to talk about the outfit on the right- in fact my husband took one look at me and said ‘you would NEVER wear that!’. But I like showing before and after pictures. And I swear, I really see women who dress like this. The buttoned up cardigan, the tennis shoes… not to be mean, but it looks wrong.
Wouldn’t you agree that this sweater on the left is much cuter than a traditional cardigan?
Now I need to figure out if I like tucked- or untucked… what do you think?
Is untucked too messy? I feel like a college student!
I felt like the cable knit was detail enough, and decided to skip adding a necklace.

Pants: Louis Permilia, Shirt: Land’s End, Boots: Khol’s, Sweater: Old Navy

7 thoughts on “Jan 3rd, Liar Liar”

  1. Definitely untucked. When you tuck it in, it feels like the outfit, and your body, is segmented. With the checked shirt out at the bottom of the sweater, it adds interest and flows better.

    I am excited to see how your 30 for 30 project turns out. I love seeing moms dressing nicely and not over the top. It is inspiring. Keep it up.

  2. My comment has nothing to do with your outfit today. I just have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog!

    I grew up in Issaquah, but I have lived in southern California for the last 11 years. Despite the weather here and the importance that LA-LA-land puts on looks, I still dress as if I live in Seattle, for the most part. I will never, ever go to the grocery store in stilettos. I’m lucky if I remember to wear lip gloss.

    Thanks for keeping it real!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I do think it’s important to show how ‘real people’ dress! I imagine in LA people would probably laugh at my simple style- so your sweet words mean a lot!

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