March 8th, Layers

 I’ve finally figured out why I’ve been having so much trouble getting dressed lately (actually, a reader made a comment that clued me in.)

I blame it on the weather.

We keep getting little spring teasers (the sun is shining, cherry trees are blooming, not to mention every store in the mall has their entire spring lines on display), yet spend 5 minutes outside and you’ll know it’s still winter in the Northwest. ARGH!

What to do?


They add so much warmth and interest to your outfit, don’t you think?

On the right the plain checked shirt with the boring blue jeans is not cute, especially paired with these tennis shoes!

On the left, I’ve replaced the faded jeans with my dark skinny jeans- traded the tennis shoes for the brown boots, unbuttoned my shirt a few buttons and then added this cute cardigan (that I actually have on backwards).

I think it’s a cute, easy outfit for volunteering at school today!

I’m linking with one of my favorite sites today- Melissa from All Things Chic. Be sure to check out the cute red dresses she is showing today. I think I need one…

By adding the layers (tank underneath and cardigan over) I've made a much cuter and warmer outfit!

Shirt: Land’s End, Sweater: Land’s End, Jeans: Anthropologie, Boots: Target

10 thoughts on “March 8th, Layers”

  1. You inspire me every day to try a lot harder to put myself together! I love your rule of 3’s! I still find I wander the stored in search of something as cute as you pull off! Thanks!

  2. I’m so happy I found this blog. I’ve been trying harder lately to be more of a trendy Mum then a frumpy Mum. Several of your outfits have inspired me and put new life in to my old clothes. Thanks so much!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad it helps. I used to live in the UK (Windsor) I loved it. I used to shop at Marks and Spencer, Daniel’s and John Lewis…I miss those days! The weather here in Seattle is very similar to the UK. Cold and dreary! UGH!

  3. I was just thinking the same thing the other day about the weather…’s hard to dress when it could go from 30 in the am to 58 in the afternoon. I love the layered look. It makes me regret donating all of my button-downs b/c they could find no place in my wardrobe. I guess they were boxy and out of date anyway…maybe time to look for new ones. (p.s. I have the same boots from Target, but yours look so much better on, my calves are so big that my boots are tight with jeans ; )

  4. yesterday it was almost 70 where I am, unseasonably warm. So after seeing this post, I wore put on skinny jeans and cropped them, flats, and then a tank/shirt/cardigan like this (navy lands end sweater, gap striped dress shirt from eons ago) and someone actually approached me in the supermarket and said “I don’t mean to be weird, but you look very put together!”

    So I consider that YOUR compliment Megan. Because no way in heck has anyone ever ever said such a thing to me. Normally I look like your before pictures LOL.

    1. This may be my favorite comment EVER! Thank you so much for sharing your story, and I am so glad to know that I had a tiny influence on you looking and feeling your best! Thank you!!! (although I doubt very much you really look like my before pictures! LOL!)

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write- you made my day!

  5. Found you from Fashion Friday — and this outfit caught my eye. I LOVE it – and will absolutely try recreating it myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

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